What is lung cancer

Lung cancer kills millions of lives each year - more than any other cancer.He not only exposed to smokers.And contrary to popular belief about the incurability of cancer, lung cancer can not only cure, but also to prevent.

sharp jump in the incidence of lung cancer occurred in the 40s of the last century, when smoking has become fashionable.Twenty years later there was a new leap - the sexual revolution tagging the ranks of smokers and, as a consequence of suffering from lung cancer a huge number of women.

sharp jump in the incidence of lung cancer occurred in the 40s of the last century, when smoking has become fashionable.Twenty years later there was a new surge of disease - the sexual revolution tagging the ranks of smokers, and as a result, the ranks of suffering lung cancer, a huge number of women.


lung cancer develops in the following way.First, in developing a malignant tumor of the bronchi (there are more than 20 types of cancer).And as you grow, it is transformed into a lung c


By type of lung cancer can be non-small cell and small cell .Non-small cell lung cancer has three subspecies : squamous cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma with. can also occur mixed types of cancer.Fortunately, this is rare.

small cell lung cancer

Squamous lung cancer develops in the cells of the central bronchi, the largest branches of the bronchial tree.Almost a third of lung cancer - a squamous cell carcinoma, and men suffer from them more often than women.In addition, squamous cell carcinoma is easily curable in its early stages, becauseit has a slow growth rate and yields almost no metastasis to other organs.

Adenocarcinoma - most common type of lung cancer, almost 40% of all cases of lung cancer.In recent years, the number of cases they increased, mainly due to non-smoking women.Adenocarcinoma often develops between the lungs and chest wall, making detection of this type of cancer at early stages difficult.

Cancer with large cells.It got its name from the cells, easily distinguishable under the microscope.A typical place of - along the outer edges of the lungs.The number of cases - 10-15% of all cases.Unfortunately, this type of cancer has a high tendency to metastasize to lymph nodes adjacent to the lungs and other organs, which in the later stages makes it virtually neizdlechimym.

Cell Lung Cancer

Cell Lung Cancer - the most aggressive form of cancer of all.It is also called cancer of the oat grain, due to the fact that the shape of its cells resemble oat.As squamous cell carcinoma, it develops mostly in central channels of the bronchi.Alas, he is not impersonating any symptoms and can not be diagnosed in the early stages.In 75% suffering from this type of lung cancer was diagnosed at the stage of metastasis.It spreads to the brain, liver, bone tissues, and becauseIt has an extremely high rate of simple, practically it is not treated, despite the fact that lends itself well to the effects of chemotherapy.

From small cell lung cancer kills more than 1 million. People a year.

Why did he come from?

In 85% of cases of lung cancer is caused by smoking, and genetic predisposition.A recent study by American scientists have shown that the risk of lung cancer is higher, the more people are so inclined.They even managed to identify some genetic qualities that make a person more susceptible to the carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco smoke.

However, they concluded that the probability of lung cancer in a person smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day, but with a high immunity to be higher than a non-smoker, with susceptibility to lung cancer.To reduce the likelihood of smoking cessation help.Nevertheless, the former smokers remain until the end of life at risk becausetheir susceptibility to cancer was increased addiction.

also high susceptibility observed in passive smokers.Every year thousands of people die from lung cancer caused by exposure to tobacco smoke.

addition to tobacco smoke causes cancer was found containing materials in building materials, such as asbestos.Thus, people working in the building for a long time, the risk of developing lung cancer did not less than smokers.

In addition, poor diet can also cause lung cancer.Thus, high fat content and cholesterol in the diet causes the development of malignant tumors.

Finally, lung cancer may develop as a result of exposure to adverse environmental factors in the lung tissue, weakened by infection (eg, skleroderomoy) or illness (tuberculosis).

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