Popped pimple - what to do ?

If one just popped a pimple, it is easy to get rid of him.

Thoroughly wash with warm water and soap and grease pimple gel Kureazin.To prevent new eruptions of acne, you need to ensure that the skin remains clean, and at the first sign of the emergence of new acne, treat them immediately.So, do not have time to break out of acne inflammation and an increase in size, the healing will take place quickly and without a trace.Wash with soap and water, or foaming agents must be twice a day, morning and evening.After washing the face wipe salicylic alcohol, which not only disinfects the skin, but also reduces its greasiness.Increased production of sebum in young people is due to hormonal changes the body, the natural maturation process.Of course, the degree of manifestation of acne at all different, as the timing and duration of the transitional period.The task of every young person - to pass this period with minimal losses, help yourself to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

In addition to daily cleansin

g, cleansing steam baths are recommended for acne 1-2 times a week.Steam baths are made on the broth of herbs chamomile, sage, celandine, calendula.For this purpose, one or more grass plants brewed with boiling water in a ratio of 1:10, heated to boiling and boil for 15 minutes.After removing from heat, tilted face of broth, covered so that no steam left for 10 to 15 minutes.If it is difficult to breathe, reveal the tissue area.After the bath, wet face towel and carefully remove left on the surface of the contents of the sebaceous plugs and acne cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide.Squeeze acne can not, it will lead to new eruptions and weighting process.Spa deeply cleanse the skin and have anti-inflammatory action.It is also useful to wipe the face with lemon juice on the acne, it reduces the oiliness of the skin, tightens pores, brightens and freshens.If the skin does not tolerate pure juice, appear redness and irritation, the lemon juice diluted in half with water or make a lotion.For lotion take the juice of half a lemon, 25 g glycerine and half a glass of vodka, mixed.This lotion is stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

When numerous and long non-healing rashes appointed interior pills for acne and acne antibiotics and antiprotozoal drugs.Antibiotics (erythromycin, doxycycline) is prescribed for suppuration, the treatment course may be repeated.Antiprotozoal drugs (metronidazole Clione, Trichopolum) is prescribed for inflammatory acne.Furthermore, as the immunoukreplyayuschee dekaris administered according to the scheme.In addition

hardware methods prescribed to medication.From old, available methods used darsonval acne.Darsonvalization - therapeutic method of influencing variables, high-frequency, high-voltage pulsed current and low power.This combination enhances the effect of penetrating deep into tissues, causing irritation of the skin and internal organs receptors held in an active region current.Impact darsonvalya currents reduces the sensitivity of the receptors of the skin, providing an analgesic, antipruritic effect.Change of blood circulation in the vessels of the skin under the influence of current speeds healing, reduces inflammation.Improve nutrition and skin regeneration.This method can not be applied in the presence of pustules, as well as in the area of ​​nasolabial triangle.So, if you jumped up a spot on the lip - this method is not suitable treatment.

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