Coffee against cancer : study

Coffee against cancer : study
Breast cancer is the leading causes of death for women in Russia and worldwide.Annually, the disease kills millions of lives.There remains the question of prevention of this disease.According to one theory, it is necessary to drink coffee from breast cancer.

For many people the morning begins with a cup of coffee.This wonderful tonic not only brings cheerfulness, but also stimulates the immune system and digestion, helps to reduce the incidence of asthma, cholelithiasis, diabetes.In addition, many coffee contains antioxidants that help the body to cope with many diseases, including breast cancer.

Coffee against cancer: the facts

team of scientists from the Karolinska University, Stockholm, led by Dr. Lee Dzhungmey been studying the relationship of coffee consumption and risk of breast cancer.The study group included 2818 patients, scientists and 3111 healthy women.The patients were divided into subgroups based on the presence of estrogen receptors in cancer cells.Age of the participants was 50 to 7

4 years.

Women were carefully questioned about how many cups of coffee they consume in a day, if they have any bad habits was collected detailed obstetric and gynecological history.The women were selected as a control group who drank less than one cup of coffee a day.

According to this study, coffee may reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 20%."These striking results were obtained for all women who drink a day for at least five cups of coffee" - explains Dzhungmey Lee.

When Lee Dzhungmey analyzed group of patients, taking into account other factors such as level of education, alcohol consumption, use of hormone therapy, she found that the risk is reduced for estrogennezavisimogo breast cancer by 57%.

This cancer is characterized by the fact that no receptors for estrogen on the surface of the abnormal cells, which means that it is worse amenable to hormone therapy.

Coffee protects, or simply does not harm?

But US experts believe that the results could be random."These data can only speak with precision about what coffee does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer," - commented on the results Shimin Chang, MD, of Harvard University.

Dr. Lee suggests that the mechanism of the protective effect against cancer of coffee may be associated with a phytoestrogen contained in this drink, or caffeine with antioxidant properties.However, she agreed that the results may be unreliable, and therefore, further study of this issue.

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