Types of postural disorders

posture called the individual person's ability to keep your body in different positions.Posture is formed over the years and can be regular or irregular.

A person with a correct posture the body and head held straight, his shoulders are straight and slightly laid back, belly tucked up and his chest protrudes, easy gait, executed straightened legs at the knees.On the back straight spine line is determined visually.

incorrect posture are common.They are formed in childhood, have physically impaired children or suffered serious diseases (rickets, polio, etc.).The main reasons most often are lack of exercise and improper habitual posture while walking, standing, sitting or lying down.The same posture causes disorders predominate in adults.The basis of the spine posture is, it provides the vertical position of the body, carries the gravity of the head and torso.the spine structure resembles the letters S, which ensures its flexibility and shock absorption during movement.

By deviations from the normal spi

nal curves define the types of carriage.The upper, cervical curvature of the spine anteriorly (cervical lordosis) and supports the head in a normal position.A similar bending of the spine forward is in the lower back (lumbar lordosis).Excessive forward curvature of the spine in the neck leads to dramatically advance the exposed head, and in the lumbar - a protrusion of abdominal and pelvic tilt reversal to sharply concave back in the lumbar region.Meets the opposite option - reducing bending of the spine, which leads to a shortening of the neck and the lumbar.Such violations are called lordotic posture.

Another type of posture - kyphotic.It called kyphosis bending of the spine back in the thoracic region.Violation is an increased bending backwards, when the back is rounded, it becomes stooped.In this case the head is tilted forward, the shoulders and brought forward, jutting belly and walking reflex turns bent knee position.Often combined with a decrease in lumbar spine bending.If such a kyphotic posture for a long time is saved, the spinal deformity is fixed and subsequently defies correction.

Separately isolated violation of posture - slouching, caused by uneven muscle development.If the chest muscles stronger, can not balance their power than the upper back muscles, they pull together shoulders forward as the back muscles that secure the blade.This form does not stoop bulging belly.

next type of posture - straightened.This defect posture - straight posture, caused by the flattening of the spine when its physiological curves are almost absent.When a person has a straight posture flat back, long body and neck, shoulders lowered, the blade sticking, reduced muscle tone.Due to the weakness of the muscles, the stomach can be retracted or jutting.In this posture, the conditions for a lateral curvature of the spine - scoliosis.

scoliotic posture is determined by inspection of the back, and the spine line is not exactly in the middle, and the arc is bent to the left or right, and gradually leads to deformation of the chest, and the entire skeleton.At the same time the shoulders are located at different heights, at the expressed forms of curved shape and fit of the head, there is a hump.Scoliosis is of three degrees: mild, moderate and severe.

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