Vitiligo and lichen change skin tone

Vitiligo - a skin disease associated with the loss of normal color, ie, discoloration of the skin in certain areas.The cause of the disease is a violation of melanin, the skin pigment responsible for skin color.

lack of melanin leads to the appearance of white spots on the skin, and even hair in these areas discolored.Chronic disease, not contagious, does not depend on gender.It is believed that the disease occurs on the basis of neuro-endocrine or autoimmune disorders before the age of 40 years.

symptoms are the appearance of white spots on the skin on different parts of the body.White depigmented spots may appear on any area of ​​the skin, but most often they appear on the face, hands and feet, that is in the open areas of the body.These spots are painless, they do not give any discomfort, but have a strong negative psychological impact on the patient, causing constant tension.Sometimes patches can occur inflammation and irritation, sunburn easily obtained.

Vitiligo can occur in different ways.Usua

lly the disease develops gradually formed small patches of discolored skin.This pattern is typical for diseases of the skin.Sometimes the loss of melanin skin cells occurs rapidly, and the disease progresses rapidly, covering large areas of the skin or the whole body.Further development of the disease can provoke stress, physical injury, various internal diseases.

Vitiligo Treatment is aimed at reducing the depigmentation, strengthening the nervous and immune systems, as well as in the elimination of internal diseases.Additional measures are power correction and protection from the sun.For the treatment of white spots, that is, to restore their normal color, use a mercury-quartz lamp or excimer laser, pre-lubricating oil stains mammal and taking into photosensitizing drugs such as psoralen, berroksan, St. John's Wort tincture or duckweed.

At the same time stay in direct sun and limit necessarily apply sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 40 units.Special attention is paid to diet in vitiligo foods rich in copper, iodine, zinc, iron and vitamins to make up for their possible shortage in the body.Products with corrosive properties is recommended to exclude, they include sharp, salty, smoked, acidic and fatty food.In addition, creating imbalances in metabolism flour products, chocolate, mayonnaise, various creams.

Another reason for the appearance of white spots on the skin is a common lichen.The reason for depriving the true mites are saprophytes, which are transmitted to humans from animals.There are many varieties of herpes, caused by viruses, and fungi.But we are interested versicolor on the skin in the form of white spots.It is believed that the pathogens are introduced deep into the stratum corneum, disrupting its vital functions of cell function, resulting in bright spots appear on the skin.At these spots sometimes it felt tingling.

Treatment depriving the skin is aimed at suppressing the pathogen and strengthen immunity.Apply rubbing ointment benzyl benzoate 20% solution of permethrin 1%, medifoksa.Before rubbing the skin is treated with salicylic alcohol.At the same time it is necessary to treat animals veterinary drugs or avoid contact with them.To strengthen the immune system take tsikloferon, likopid, dekaris or izoprinozin take complex vitamins.With proper treatment, complete recovery occurs, the spots disappear and skin tone is restored.

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