The impact of herpes on pregnancy

Influence herpes pregnancy negatively, so you should make every effort to reduce it to zero.What is it to be feared?

Influence herpes pregnancy negatively, so you should make every effort to reduce it to zero.What is it to be feared?In the first trimester of pregnancy, herpes often leads to spontaneous abortion, on the following dates to the malformation of the fetus and newborn to generalized herpes, resulting in the deaths of children.These severe consequences relate mainly genital herpes, but any type of herpes should not be ignored.

Treatment of herpes in pregnant women with antiviral drugs is not always carried out.Than to treat herpes during pregnancy?If the herpes infection is mild, it performed only the topical treatment of acyclovir ointment, gerpferon, fenistil pentsivir, panavir, Zovirax, or by other means, especially when eruptions on the face.External means practically not absorbed into the bloodstream and are not dangerous to the fetus.Sometimes administered a single injection of normal

human immunoglobulin.

the case of genital herpes during pregnancy, such an approach will not prevent severe consequences.The picture of the disease is more extensive.First, on the skin and genital mucosa appear red seal in the form of nodules, which are converted after 1-2 days in watery bubbles.After 2-3 days, these bubbles burst, and in their place are formed painful sores that crust covered in a week.The process is accompanied by pain and itching, sometimes burning.At the same time there is muscle soreness, malaise, low grade fever, increased inguinal lymph nodes and even painful urination.

Treatment of genital herpes in pregnancy is necessary, it takes into account all the nuances of the condition and the severity of infection.Appointed acyclovir intravenous immunoglobulin human normal intravenous viferon candles.The vagina is treated poludanom.If there is a rash of bubbles, they smeared with green paint and ointment acyclovir.2-3 weeks before giving birth appointed interior tablets acyclovir at 200mg 4 times a day to prevent relapse.Deliveries during the recurrence of genital herpes are dangerous and have to replace them by cesarean section.

Herpes Effect On Pregnancy

Currently, there is virtually no disagreement than cure herpes during pregnancy.Accepted standards of treatment, allowing to achieve a normal pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby.Expectant mother must be accurately carry out the instructions of doctors the whole period of pregnancy and after childbirth.

Then the question arises: what to do with herpes during breastfeeding?It is important to note that the recurrence of herpes is not a reason to stop breastfeeding.Mom needed to be careful to avoid infection of the baby.Before feeding should be more thoroughly wash hands, wear a surgical mask, cover the hips.Child can not kiss and cuddle up to his cheek until complete healing scabs on his face.Hips mother or father (and genital area) should not come into contact with the child's skin, they should be covered with clothing or a towel.

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