Acne : treatment

Acne almost always occurs in patients suffering from seborrhea, which makes it a complication of the disease.However, acne can occur with hormonal disorders, in patients with diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, with neuropsychiatric disorders.

disease is based on the sebaceous glands of the skin lesion.Increased sebum secretion leads to the formation of comedones sebaceous plugs.At first, closed comedones, as white nodules (white whitehead acne).Later, open comedones, sebaceous crown corks oxidized and blackened, blackheads are formed.Through the open comedones can get into the skin microorganisms which normally live on the skin and cause inflammation.Formed pimples the next stage of acne.Further, while weakening of the barrier function of skin acne elements inflamed and suppurate.Purulent education penetrate deep into the skin to form pustular, induratum and phlegmonous acne forms.When these pustular, cystic pus formation merge into one, then they are called acne conglobata.In t

heir opening are fistulas and scars.On the face there is another form of acne: acne rosacea, based on the nodules of vascular formations.

Acne treatment is carried out depending on the form and severity of the disease.For mild acne suitable national treatment.To get rid of blackheads on the face 1-2 times a week should wipe the face with a mixture of lemon juice and glycerin, taken in equal parts.

Acne treatment folk remedies include herbal treatments, clay, lemon and vegetable crops.First performed cleansing, then mask or compress with herbal decoction, then rinse with lemon.Good cleans oily acne prone skin blend of pulp raw potatoes, half the whipped egg white and honey.Instead of honey, you can take a teaspoon of oat flour (or flour), add a pinch of salt.For herbal concoctions take aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow, sage, burdock.Masks with cosmetic clay is recommended to do 1-2 times a week.

Treatment of acne on his back and carried out externally should be taken into metronidazole (10 days course) or doxycycline (10 days course, too), as well as vitamins and sedatives.Outwardly good effect Zener (you can wipe the skin levomitsetinovym or salicylic alcohol).Used as a cream Skinoren and Baziron.At mid-severe acne in women used oral contraceptives treatment (Diane-35, Janine).

Treatment of acne in adolescents begin to normalize the function of the autonomic nervous system, assigning calcium supplements, bromkamforu, tranquilizers (afobazol), vitamins A, E, group B Receiving Krusmarina and sea cucumber extract helps strengthen the immune system, enhance the protective function of the skin.Assigned a diet with reduced fat, carbohydrates and salts.Food should be rich in fiber, vitamins, lactic acid products.

necessary to eliminate chronic infection tonsillitis, sinusitis.Extremely useful Regular exercise, adequate sleep.Externally administered in the morning and evening, degreasing and antibacterial alcohol solutions of boric or salicylic acid.If necessary, apply the ointment with antibiotics: tetracycline, erythromycin, linkomitsinovuyu.In the absence of pustules comedones removed in a medical facility (mechanical or vacuum cleaning).Of the funds used autohaemotherapy nonspecific treatment, ultraviolet irradiation, injection of aloe.When the remaining scars after healing of acne, cosmetic skin resurfacing is performed in a beauty salon techniques: peeling, dermabrasion, Cryomassage.

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