Carefully , frost !

Outside, minus 20 bitter cold brought with them not only the usual colds and sore throats, but much less known allergy to cold.

Outside, minus 20 bitter cold brought with them not only the usual colds and sore throats, but much less known allergy to cold.

Chill: what to look for

We must remember that the symptoms of an allergy to cold may occur not only during or after the release on the street, but also, for example, after eating cold ice cream.In some people, itching or rash may occur immediately after the frost, while others - after they have returned to a warm room.Most often the symptoms become visible when the temperature falls below 4 degrees C, but in some cases, cold allergy may begin at a higher temperature.In windy and wet weather, the risk of allergy higher, and if you take your bare hands cold objects, you risk a few minutes to see the swelling on the palms.

: Danger!

In the severe cases of allergy to the cold disease affects not only the skin but the whole body.A person can fai

nt, feel the "blurred in the eyes."In some cases, it begins tachycardia and swelling all over the body.This manifestation of allergy is called a systemic reaction and requires urgent treatment to the doctor.

look at the reasons

When we are in danger, our hormonal system begins to produce histamine.Some people develop this hormone increases not only in emergencies but also when entering the cold street.Scientists believe that the reason for such non-standard reaction of the body may be congenital or acquired hypersensitivity of the skin cells to cold temperatures.

be careful!

Cold allergy can occur in almost anyone, but especially to be attentive to those who have not yet crossed the threshold of 25-th anniversary.According to statistics, with this disease, women face more often than men.Increased risk of allergy diseases such as mycoplasma and mononucleosis, hepatitis, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.Children allergic to cold often accompanies dysbiosis, dermatitis or manifests after suffering colds.

Children and cold

Parents are always happy rosy cheeks toddler, who had returned from a walk, but if the redness does not go, even for a few hours - it should be alerted adults.In some cases, toddlers begin scratching reddened space that may arise not only in the face, but also on the inner surface of the lower legs, knees and hips.Externally, these lesions resemble hives, and their color can range from white to pink.The most common allergy without treatment within a few hours.

Unusual symptoms

Allergy to cold is not always seen as a reddened, itchy rashes.The eyes begin to tear that after a walk in the frosty streets, edema, peeling, chapped lips, " 'll pick" in the corners of the mouth may not only be the result of a lack of vitamins or manifestations of herpes.The reason for these unpleasant symptoms often are allergic to cold.There is one symptom that can be confused with the common cold: cough after a walk on the street, wheezing and nasal congestion.

How to deal

Scientists have found: cold allergy is most often seen in people with latent or chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas, and gastrointestinal system.Therefore, if you notice at the negative reaction to the cold - and go visit the therapist medical examinations of the entire body.Antiallergic drugs rarely help with this type of allergy, much better results are obtained by diet, chosen physician, stay in motels and tempering.

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