gastritis Stage

Of course, the most common superficial gastritis is a precursor to other, more complex forms of gastritis, and could be called the first stage.Although it is the code name, because there is no clear gastritis "staging" of development.

only pattern observed (as elsewhere): from simple to complex, from easy to hard.It is clear to anyone that if left untreated - will be worse.

superficial gastritis - an inflammation of the gastric mucosa without damaging its integrity, accompanied by a violation of the digestive functions.Primary superficial gastritis can be cured completely.When repeated inflammation of the superficial gastritis becomes chronic and already own it recurs.

If chronic gastritis is left untreated or treated improperly, it is further developed, the inflammatory process extends to new areas of the mucosa and submucosal layer, slowing down physiological regeneration (recovery) of damaged cells, atrophic changes appear glands.Atrophy - a loss of normal function of the cells with non-functional

glandular replacement of connective tissue cells.As a result, a progressive disorder of the secretory and motor functions of the stomach, more and more distorted the process of digestion, forming atrophic gastritis.

progression of atrophic changes often promotes gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori.It settles first in the gastric antrum, where acidity below and further basified by it.Further reflex triggered, sour stomach contents insufficiently treated, rapidly enters the duodenum and acidifies annoying its wall that leads to duodenitis.A bacterium settles in the duodenum and is distributed in the body of the stomach.

The first phase alkalinity antrum occurs reflex increase in gastric secretion.Further, it may decline because of progressive atrophy of the gastric glandular apparatus.By reducing the secretion of pain weakens the stomach hydrochloric acid, it becomes diffuse, depending on the nature and volume of food.At the forefront dyspepsia: nausea, belching food and bitterness in the mouth, loss of appetite, bloating, unstable chair.Characteristic appearance of aversion to certain types of food.

Such patients lose weight, look pale, they often reveal anemia (low hemoglobin) and vitamin deficiencies.Not surprising, because due to poor digestion body loses nutrients.Toxins are removed too bad, and they formed more than a healthy person, so the body is constantly being poisoned by them (intoxication).Due to the toxicity develops asthenic syndrome: emotional instability, irritability, fatigue and exhaustion during physical or mental stress.

We reviewed the consistent development of chronic gastritis, as a pathological process, but in reality it can happen otherwise.The official medicine gastritis stage is considered as periods of chronic disease: aggravation, incomplete remission, remission.Remission is called the period of time in which there are no symptoms of the disease.

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