Means for acne treatment

funds for the treatment of acne include several groups characterize them briefly.

Antiseptic Liquid: Alcohol solution of salicylic, boric acid, aqueous solutions of chlorhexidine and furatsillina.They are used in any form of acne lotions, reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs metronidazole: Trichopolum metrogil tablets and gel.Externally applied the gel in mild form, combined with the ingestion of tablets with the inflammatory process.

tetracycline antibiotics (erythromycin tablets JUnidoks, doxycycline) used in the previous ineffective treatment or in the presence of pustules.Externally applied gels with antibiotics (Zener, dalatsin-t) and ointments (eritromitsinovaya, geliomitsinovaya, tetracycline), and 3% levomitsetinovy ​​alcohol.If necessary, antibiotics are used inside tablets, courses.Treatment with antibiotics supplement immunomodulators (dekaris at 150mg 2 times a week course of 1-3 months) and probiotics.

zinc preparations (Kuriozin, Zener, salicylic-zinc oint

ment, and paste), produced in conjunction with other components to extend the spectrum of action.They are very effective in the mild form of rashes.

Preparations azelaic acid (Skinoren gel and cream).Azelaic acid reduces the formation of sebum, provides antimicrobial effect and reduces pigmentation after acne healed.

drugs benzoyl peroxide (oxy-5, oxy-10).Severe dermatologic agent used in the moderate and severe forms of acne, it is a powerful oxidizing agent and keratolytics.By oxidizing properties has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and whitening effect, but due to keratolytic effect prevents the formation of comedones.

preparations of retinoids, synthetic derivatives of vitamin A (retinoic ointment, isotretinoin) are assigned externally, if the patient intolerance or ineffectiveness of benzoyl peroxide.These drugs prevent the formation of comedones, inflammation and normalize the development of ductal epithelium and hair follicles.To be treated with retinoids in the summer is not recommended because of the photosensitivity, ie the threat of skin pigmentation.

Hormones used as anti-androgen drugs female hormones, used in women and in men.Only women use oral contraceptives (Diane-35, Janine, Yarina, Jess), has a therapeutic effect against acne.In addition to contraceptive effect, they stabilize the monthly cycle, normalize hormone balance and cancel the action of androgens on the skin.Hormonal drugs are used strictly on prescription, since their effect on the entire body is enormous, there are contraindications and side effects.Men are sometimes appointed agents of female sex hormones (sinestrol, pregnin) in severe forms of acne, always under the supervision of a physician.

addition to these basic list can be used by other remedies, such as sintomitsinovoy emulsion, because of its powerful anti-inflammatory effects.Sometimes the use of camphor alcohol due to degreasing, tightens pores effect.As before, use of sulfur products, and resorcinol as boltushek.However a unjustified antiviral agents such as acyclovir acne.Acne is caused by representatives of the normal bacterial flora of the skin: several types of bacteria, fungi and mites, and viruses do not.Acyclovir will help in case of rashes caused by the herpes virus, which can be mistaken for acne.Also useless baby cream for acne.Its anti-inflammatory properties too small to have a therapeutic effect, and the cream base is undesirable as glues the pores, causing new acne.

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