Current treatment of asthma

Bronchial asthma has symptoms of allergic origin.Proof of this is to stop asthma attacks at the beginning of the disease in the elimination of exposure to the allergen.However, we emphasize that the hereditary factor plays a decisive role in the predisposition to allergic reactivity.

Modern treatment of bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma has symptoms of allergic origin.Proof of this is to stop asthma attacks at the beginning of the disease in the elimination of exposure to the allergen.However, we emphasize that the hereditary factor plays a decisive role in the predisposition to allergic reactivity.These people repeated contact with the allergen developed asthma symptoms: bronchospasm, increased permeability of the bronchial epithelium, increased secretion of mucus, the reaction of the blood vessels.Often asthma develops on the background of other allergic diseases.Most often it is a food allergy, allergic skin disease, rhinitis.In the development and course of asthma well-known role of the respirato

ry system diseases rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.Frequent acute inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system and other systems, enhance sensitization, that is, the willingness of the organism to allergic reactions.The severity of the disease varies and is often complicated by comorbidity.

Severe asthma is characterized by frequent seizures, shortness of breath daily, which does not sleep at night, low exercise tolerance.During a severe attack disrupted breathing, there is considerable wheezing, shortness of breath long.At the same time mobilizing the muscles of the abdominal wall, the shoulder girdle and chest.The patient takes a sitting position.Gradually, noisy breathing decreases and begins racking cough, during which can be ingested by vomiting phlegm.Typically, these attacks require the introduction of hormones and other drugs used in the hospital setting.In severe bronchial asthma broken conductivity, which leads to the development of emphysema and chronic respiratory failure.With many years of severe asthma along with respiratory failure may develop heart failure ( "pulmonary heart disease").

Pharmacotherapy of asthma is very extensive, including emergency funds, short preparations, medium and long-acting.Short-acting salbutamol or Ventolin, used to relieve an attack.Preparations INTAL, kromogen, kropoz tayled and lower bronchi sensitivity to allergens and used for the prevention of exacerbations.In less severe asthma with infrequent exacerbations used for this purpose ketotifen (Zaditen).A more modern drug tayled also used to prevent seizures and treat various forms of asthma.With the ineffectiveness of drugs of this series are assigned to hormonal preparations in the form of aerosols (Pulmicort, Flixotide, beclomethasone, etc.).When introducing the aerosol overall effect of hormones on the body slightly, since the absorption is limited.The most common side effects of candidiasis (thrush) of the mouth and pharynx.To prevent this side effect, the patient should gargle soda solution each time after use of the inhaler.Long-acting drugs (Flixotide, Pulmicort, budesonide) have potent anti-inflammatory effect and relieve spasms.Available as Pulmicort suspension 250 and 500 micrograms, and is typically used in young children.Inhaled hormonal drugs reduce symptoms, reduce the frequency of exacerbations, reduce airway inflammation, improve the condition of the bronchi and lungs, improve the quality of life of patients.New long-acting drugs, relieves spasms (salmeterol and formoterol), operating 12 hours a day, they are used to relieve attack (bronchospasm).Besides removing attack they also reduce the activity of agents that contribute to the development of allergy, bronchial reactivity and decrease vascular permeability.All this is beneficial to the course of the disease and improve the health of patients.Combination products include means long relieves spasms and a powerful anti-inflammatory agent (Ditek and new Seretide).Seretide is effective even in critically ill patients that other drugs do not help.Seretide has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect and is well relieves bronchospasm than both drugs that are included in its composition, have individually.Antihistamines are ineffective in asthma, due to the mechanism of the disease.However, they may be used in combination with other asthma allergic diseases.It is important to use the latest generation of drugs that do not cause thickening of mucus, violation of general condition and drowsiness.

Modern treatment of bronchial asthma

treatment of asthma the stairs gives a more lasting effect.The stepwise approach is something like a "career ladder" through which you can move up and down is possible.In the case of asthma is best to move down to a decrease of symptoms of the disease, that is, the lower the level, the smaller the drug.However, the true transition from one stage to the next only a doctor determines, on the basis of a medical examination.But what are these steps?The first is the easiest (intermittent) the degree of asthma that requires continuous use of anti-inflammatory drugs, and bouts of short-acting inhalers are removed (if necessary) - Ventolin or salbutamol.At the second stage of persistent (with more frequent attacks), bronchial asthma, in which the anti-inflammatory treatment is given to the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease.The main drugs are cromolyn sodium or nedocromil.The third stage is characterized by moderately severe course of illness.Here, the lack of effectiveness of treatment listed prescribe hormonal inhaled.At the fourth stage the hormonal inhalants combined with long-acting beta-2-agonists (relieves spasms) that can simultaneously reduce inflammation and remove bronchospasm, and thus improve the patient's condition.The fourth step for patients suffering from severe asthma.With the proper treatment of the condition of patients improved and if it is stable, a transition to a lower (lighter) stage.The duration of each individual stage can last for several months or years.Stepwise approach helps the doctor to more accurately and adequately to select doses for each patient.

compulsory component of the treatment and prevention of asthma is physiotherapy.Useful swimming lessons, exercises with the respiratory load and play wind instruments.

There are also popular treatments of asthma and its prevention.At the beginning the disease 2 week welcome infusion of wild rosemary and nettle-25g-15g allows you to completely extinguish it.The mixture of herbs pour 1 liter of boiling water, to insist, wrapped, for three hours, then take half a cup 5-6 times a day.Another recipe: kidneys pine, plantain, mother and stepmother to take equally mixed.4h.spoon mixture pour 1 cup of cold water, leave for 2 hours, then bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes, for 15 minutes.Strain.The resulting broth is divided into three portions and drink during the day.If shortness of breath and coughing can apply the method of acupressure: easy to click on active point the index finger up to 1 minute.Repeat can be reused.The point is in the middle of the bottom edge of the jugular fossa, which is located between the collarbones.

necessary component of treatment and prevention of asthma is adherence, the living conditions, diet.Power bronchial asthma specifically depends on the type of allergen.Most often, patients with asthma do not carry honey, citrus, chocolate, less red products, eggs and chicken meat, cow's milk.Maybe intolerance cereals and foods of them in people who are allergic to pollen.It is important to remember that just enhances overeating "readiness" of the organism to allergies, as well as explicit products-allergens.

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