"Strategy for the promotion of pharmaceutical products and brands "

April 20, 2012 at the hotel "Marriott Royal Aurora", Moscow, the company Infor-media Russia will hold a third practical conference "Strategy of promotion of pharmaceutical products and brands."

Russian pharmaceutical market is experiencing strong regulatory changes in recent years.However, significant growth in the purchasing power of the population, as well as the growth of budget expenditures can not be expected in the area of ​​drugs.All this points to the fact that the strong growth of the market in the short and medium term should not wait.And therefore, only increases the marketing value.

At our conference we will consider experience in the promotion of pharmaceutical products of international companies, both on the local and foreign markets.What allows them to increase sales each year?

In addition, you will learn that they can counter the global players of the Russian company.

main topics

  • The impact of regulatory changes in the marketing strategies: experience in a new environment.
  • build experience launching and supporting pharmaceutical brands.Future Marketing: all the secrets from the recognized market experts.
  • Technologies FMCG for the pharmaceutical market.
  • possibilities of internet marketing.Ethical Internet communications.
  • Strategy works with retailers and distributors.
  • parallel thematic sessions: promotion of Rx-drugs;OTC and generics.


CEOs, business managers and directors of marketing and sales, customer interaction, brand managers, product managers of Russian and international pharmaceutical manufacturers, distribution companies, pharmacy chains.

more information by calling +7 (495) 995 80 04 or online at http: // www.pharmabrand.ru /

Infor-mediaRussia - the leading organizer of business events in Russia - annually spends about 100 conferences, which gather representatives of all branches of government, senior managers and specialists from Russian and international companies in key economic sectors (IT, Finance and Banking,Marketing and PR, Transport, Logistics, Tax and Law, Mining, Pharmaceuticals).

In October 2010, the company Infor-mediaRussia held the II International Conference "What is happening in the pharmaceutical market?", Which brought together more than 300 specialists of the pharmaceutical market.The two-day event, participants discussed the major events of the first half of 2010, summed up the interim results and shared their views on the most important directions of development of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

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