Back pain with a bad posture

Definition posture means a type of human figure in its usual state.

Definition posture means a type of human figure in its usual state.Stoop this figure is visible a mile away.There are congenital deformities of the spine and skeleton, but in most cases, poor posture - the result of lifestyle, or abnormal development in childhood.Meanwhile, a healthy spine, and therefore, the correct posture, the basis of the health of the organism as a whole.

Each body via the nerve endings associated with a particular area of ​​the spine, its vertebrae, and if at least one of the vertebrae is displaced, it is fraught with the emergence of many diseases.Any deviation from the norm in the spine and posture can cause back pain.Diagnosis posture can be held by each person.Typically, incorrect posture associated with the longitudinal (side view) and lateral curvature of the spine (back view).

Please remember the most versatile test for correct posture, which can hold even a child: to stand back against the wall, so that

the heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head touching the wall - this is the standard of correct posture.So you can test yourself and strive for better results.Diagnosis of posture is carried out in comparison with the deviations from the normal position of the body (spine).

Aching Back With poor posture

Distinguish longitudinal curvature of the cervical spine (lordogicheskaya posture), thoracic (kyphotic posture, slouching), flattened back (spine straightened) and lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis).When the spine erect position, favorable conditions for cross its distortions - scoliosis.When lordogicheskoy posture characteristic protrusion of the head forward, kyphotic pronounced stoop, round back, as seen in scoliosis curvature of the spine, when viewed from the back.Any violation of posture in humans fatigue sets in faster and a sore back.This is due to overexertion of individual muscle groups.

posture at any age is unstable, can worsen or improve under the influence of various factors.Worsening posture occurs when the disease, fatigue, nervous exhaustion and other vital factors.When improving the situation can improve posture, but if the person himself wants it.Violation of posture is an intermediate state between health and disease, in fact it predbolezn.If the situation is fixed - there comes disease.

most effective treatment of posture disorders - physical exercise.It is simple and accessible to everyone - only be carried out!At the same time exercise-treat osteochondrosis, sciatica, spondylarthritis and other diseases of the spine, which can be healed with the help of exercise.Known spinal centers (eg, Valentine Dikul), who with the help of exercise, not only return to people posture and efficiency, but also raise a wheelchair!

addition exercises (physiotherapy) and physiotherapy (. Massage, magnetic therapy, chiropractic, etc.) wearing a bandage is applied for or recliner posture - posture corrector on doctor's advice.Bondage has specific indications for local violations.Declinators posture corrector produced in the elastic performance and enhanced lumbosacral screed, they are selected by the waist volume.

recliner elastic easily sits on a figure, invisible under clothing, has 2 spring inserts that allow you to keep in shape even with increased activity.Recliner strengthen lumbosacral screed it has removable metal edges that can achieve anatomically correct support, and together with the side edges of best support the spine corrector and combine function with corset features.Wearing these items it is recommended to work in a period not more than 5-6 hours a day.

Treatment of posture will help get rid of back pain and restore a beautiful figure.And keep it in good condition - a problem of every person.

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