Allergic arthritis

Allergic arthritis - a common disease that occurs every year more and more, as well as other manifestations of allergy.

Very often this attitude is common in people with other diseases of the joints, when allergic arthropathy is regarded as the next exacerbation of the disease.


  • hypersensitivity to various substances: food, cosmetics, and even certain types of clothing with synthetic fibers, colored in certain types of dyes, etc .;
  • drug allergies (most frequently allergic reaction given antibiotics, painkillers - Novocain, trimekain, lidocaine, and others, as well as iodine, bismuth drugs, barbiturates, drugs pirazolonovogo series and others), vaccines and serums;
  • hyper- or vitamin deficiencies (e.g., in scurvy skorbutichesky arthritis, arthritis in hypervitaminosis D or A), trace elements imbalance (silicon, selenium, copper, zinc and others);
  • impact of occupational factors (for example, when working in the chemical and food industries, working with products of oil refining, pharmaceuti
    cal industry, etc.);
  • exposure to certain physical factors - extreme temperatures (frostbite, burns), and even trauma, stress - that is, all that leads to a sharp change in the human immune system.

Manifestations allergic

arthritis Allergic arthritis develop immediately after exposure to allergens, or 7-10 days, especially with repeated exposure to the allergen.The most common allergic arthropathy occurs in women and children.

leading symptom of allergic arthritis - pain in one or more joints, which can be of different character.A feature of pain is its appearance after a long stay in a fixed position of the limb, for example, after prolonged sitting in a certain posture inconvenient when or after prolonged standing in an awkward position of sleep etc.Especially true for a knee.To strengthen this pain may exercise, weight lifting and weight gain.

With the disappearance of allergic arthropathy such pain just disappear, as well as other manifestations of arthritis (swelling, redness of the skin, stiffness and limitation of movement, allergic skin rash on the type of hives, etc.).

two most common forms of joint syndrome.

Bystroobratimaya form of allergic arthritis

This form is characterized by sudden severe pain accompanied by swelling of the periarticular tissues and effusion in the joint cavity, redness of the skin over the joint.It affects several large and / or small joints at the same time, while most have other allergic reactions ranging from urticaria and ending with asthma and angioedema.

During the ultrasound into the joint cavity is detected effusion, and periarticular tissues expressed puffiness, there are symptoms of bursitis and synovitis.

All manifestations of arthritis quickly pass unnoticed if the allergen is stopped intake of and to conduct appropriate anti-allergic treatment.But with repeated exposure to the allergen reaction to it it may be more violent and severe.

protracted form of allergic arthritis

This form of arthritis is less common, with more than 4% - it is patients with drug allergies.The disease is long and hard, and joint pain so intense that patients are forced to take potent analgesics and even glucocorticoids (but mandatory under medical supervision).

In severe cases, there is not only an expression of pain, but also the accumulation of fluid in the joint cavity, and even areas of focal necrosis and destruction of the articular ends of the articular surfaces.

diagnosis of allergic arthritis is almost the same as the exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis.

Principles of treatment of allergic arthritis

  • complete elimination of exposure to the allergen;
  • receiving antihistamines;
  • receiving glucocorticoids (only on prescription);
  • analgesics (only when expressed pain syndrome, not an empty stomach to avoid irritation of the stomach lining);
  • in severe allergic reaction from the mucous membranes, respiratory, with the appearance of angioedema require emergency treatment - should immediately call an ambulance and not to self-medicate, withdrawal manifestations of arthritis in this situation fades into the background.

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