The whole truth about wisdom teeth

The whole truth about wisdom teeth
For many people, the wisdom tooth eruption and associated with horrible torture since the Middle Ages in England.It is no accident called the most problematic and capricious teeth, but whether it deserves its name?

Talk about wisdom teeth and how they are useful to us today.


wise wisdom tooth Scientists have long proven that mythical wisdom of "eight" is often referred to as the tooth in common, related only to the fact that it erupt at an age when our mental development usually reaches its climax.

Upon the wisdom tooth is a vestigial organ, ie do not have values ​​in modern human life and bringing him good.

In times of primitive peoples eighth tooth needed to chew more solid food.However, due to evolution, we learned to cook and thermally processed foods, which also affected the size of the jaw.

Today wisdom tooth hard fit in dentition.He often does not have enough space, which is why there is crowding other teeth and bite problems.Moreover, he is deprived of "milk" the precursor, which prep

ares the gums for teething.

Another feature of the wisdom tooth - a frequent twisting roots.The dimensions of "eight" while generally consistent with other chewing teeth.

Growth and development

  • Formation crown ends in about 12 years
  • teething process starts at the age of 18-21 years
  • tooth roots are formed 25 years

rate of tooth eruption of the eighth depends on how much space on the jawassigned to it.If space is insufficient, it gradually shifts the seventh tooth, which in turn puts pressure on the other.Thus there is crowding of the teeth.

The less space remains for the eighth tooth, the longer it will erupt.In 78% of cases its appearance is connected with various kinds of complications - perikoronarit (inflammation of the gums around the tooth), destruction or displacement of adjacent teeth, problems with the bite, etc.

Interestingly, 8% of people on the planet do not have wisdom teeth..At the same time most men do not develop upper and women - lower eighth teeth.

As the eighth cut teeth

Almost 80% of the eruption of "eight" is associated with inflammatory complications.Above the new tooth appears hood, and around it - a kind of pocket, which collects food, bacteria and plaque.Such education is a fertile ground for the development of inflammation - perikoronarita, which is very dangerous because of the proximity to vital organs.

Removing the hood is often a short-term measure and not always effective - new hood is quickly restored and only complicates further treatment due to the fact that it has adhesions and scarring.

Thoroughly clean the eighth tooth can be difficult because of its location deep in the jaw.Thus, wisdom tooth accumulates a huge amount of bacteria that leads to the development of caries.

Delete can not be pardoned

eighth tooth Treatment is possible, but is associated with a time-consuming process due to the twist of roots and canals that prevent sealing.Due to the anatomical features, many people can not open his mouth wide enough or there is some pronounced gag reflex - it's seriously complicates the work of the dentist.

Thus complications arising after treatment eighths poor teeth, a lot more than the others after treatment.

That is why you should seriously think about how much is required for a wisdom tooth dentition.

Indications for the preservation of the eighth tooth

  • In the absence of the seventh or sixth tooth, and if they are subject to removal.
  • If the bottom of the eighth tooth has an antagonist in the form of upper wisdom teeth, with which it closes.When removing the other one of the pair with the time out ahead of the lack of resistance and the load, which inevitably leads to loss and this tooth.Exception - the inability to carry out high-quality treatment of the eighth tooth.
  • In the normal position of the eighth tooth.
  • pulpitis (inflammation or nerve), the eighth tooth.A conscientious doctor will always try to save the tooth, because removing it can lead to tragic consequences - reduction of bone displacement healthy teeth, change in bite, redistribute the load on the remaining teeth, and as a result, may need to install crowns and implants to address theseproblems.
  • the treatment of periodontal cyst or eighth tooth.Cyst (or bubble gum, which is a liquid with bacteria, dead cells, etc.) is formed as a consequence of periodontitis, when the inflammation of the tooth nerve and affects the healthy tissue around, causing the patient serious discomfort and constant pain.Remove the tooth from the gum can not be patient, because it can only strengthen the development of the disease and lead to serious complications.

Indications for removal of a wisdom tooth

  • Improper positioning (horizontal or at a strong inclination).
  • Lack of space for the eruption.
  • teeth crowding.
  • Where wisdom tooth destroys seventh tooth (location, creates an oblique pressure on the front facing the tooth, which often leads to defeat enamel and caries).
  • Inflammation hood.
  • dramatic depletion of the eighth crown.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that the wisdom of the eighth tooth is clearly exaggerated.But, before you remove a wisdom tooth, you should definitely go through a consultation with your dentist, who can assess the situation professionally.

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