Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve : Diagnosis and Treatment

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve : Diagnosis and Treatment
inflammation of the facial nerve - one of the most painful conditions a person.Despite what is known about the disease for many centuries, doctors still argue about what and how to treat it, and whether it is possible in principle.

If you were attentive to the anatomy lessons, you probably remember that in humans there are as many as 12 pairs of cranial nerves, to one of which applies to the front, or as it is called, trigeminal.

its name is easy to guess that this is the nerve of the three branches that provide sensitivity to certain areas of the face:

  • first branch - the eyes, upper eyelid and forehead;
  • second - the lower eyelid, cheek, nostril, upper lip and upper gums;
  • third - the lower jaw, lower lip and gums, more masticatory muscles.

When there is inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, the patient is experiencing a real meal from severe pain.This attack can cause a minimal impact on the unhealthy site - from applying makeup to clean the teeth.

This pain is often compared with the impact

of electricity permeates the entire half of the face and spreads for each of the branches of the nerve.

Unfortunately, completely cure neuritis of the facial nerve can not.But significantly reduce the appearance of pain is possible with medication.In particularly difficult situations resort to surgery.

Symptoms in the face
  • inflammation of the facial nerve
    • «lumbago" Pain can arise from a light touch to the face hands, while smiling or talking
    • attack lasts no more than 2 minutes, repeated usually not more than a few days or weeks
    • Most often, inflammation appears only on one side of the face
    • twinge can be single, sometimes repeated a hundred times a day
    • Soreness pronounced in the lower jaw, gums, cheek, lips
    • during acute illness (as a rule,it occurs in the cold season) the number of attacks increases dramatically
    • Neuralgia facial nerve tends to increase the number and intensity of pain attacks.

    How and why inflamed trigeminal nerve

    This disease has long been known around the world, but there is no unanimous opinion on why and how it occurs.But there are some assumptions.

    • viral infection.Neuralgia can be caused by any virus, but most often the culprits are diseases or herpes zoster.
    • Reduced immunity or immune dysfunction - the most favorable environment for the development of any virus.
    • Hypothermia.Staying in a draft or exposure to cold in the area of ​​the ear and face often causes inflammation of the facial nerve.
    • Stress, whether physical or emotional stress, psychological shocks that reduce the protective functions of the body.
    • inflammation in periodontitis, gingivitis, pulpitis, periodontitis and other complications of caries.
    • unbalanced diet.
    • serious infectious diseases.

    Neuralgia may also be associated with aging and destruction of the myelin sheath of the trigeminal nerve.Sometimes one of the causes of the disease may be a tumor, and multiple sclerosis.

    diagnosis of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

    To diagnose neuralgia of the facial nerve, the doctor primarily assesses pain - the type, location and stimuli that provoke attacks.

    usually pain occur in the face of a sudden and do not last more than a minute.Mandatory palpation of the trigeminal nerve to detect painful branches and the extent of its defeat.

    often prescribed computer or magnetic resonance imaging, which help to identify the causes of the disease.

    treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

    For the treatment of facial nerve inflammation today offers a variety of options from the most conservative to radical.

    • Reception anticonvulsants - the most common way to stop the pain and neuralgia.Over time, the need to increase the dose or changing the medication to avoid habituation.It has side effects: nausea, drowsiness, double vision, dizziness.
    • Spazmolitiki relieve spasm of the trigeminal nerve, and muscle relaxants reduce the tone of facial muscles and help to reduce their motor activity.
    • Alcohol nerve block, or in other words, freezing.Unfortunately, it does not provide long-term results and require constant re-injection.This method is associated with a particular risk for the health of the patient, because it can cause bleeding and bruising on the vessels.
    • surgery and laser treatment.
    • microvascular decompression, which allows you to shift or remove the vessel to exert pressure on the facial nerve.

    There are traditional treatments of facial nerve inflammation.To do this, use the infusion of yarrow or mountaineer amphibian.Well help soothing herbal teas with chamomile, mint, motherwort.Remove the pain will help a poultice of fresh leaves of geranium or rubbing cheeks using any ointments with menthol.

    consequences of the disease and the prognosis

    Trigeminal neuralgia is not a fatal disease, but repeated episodes of severe pain can seriously damage health.Often in patients with neuralgia develops depression, mental disorders appear.Pain provokes a loss of appetite, weight loss and immunity.

    In 75% of cases of inflammation of the facial nerve can not completely get rid of the pain.Important as it is possible to diagnose the disease more quickly and proceed to its treatment.Remember that the best prevention of neuralgia of the facial nerve - a protection against hypothermia and prevention of head injuries.

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