MRI or CT scan : it is better

MRI or CT scan : it is better
Imaging is increasingly used in the diagnosis of diseases.But the differences between different types of imaging: magnetic resonance and computer.

In medicine, the technology has been applied relatively recently - at the end of the last century, but widely spread in Russia received only in the last decade.

In fact, the imaging is to obtain images of the object layer by layer internal structure.In the case of a man - his internal organs and tissues.Receiving the image is possible using different mechanisms.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In the case of MRI technology is based on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance.The unit is set out to measure the response of the hydrogen nuclei in the excitation of electromagnetic waves in a constant magnetic field.

Thus, in the examined organ generates a strong magnetic field, which is in the process of scanning affects the hydrogen atoms, or rather, into protons, which pass from the chaotic state of the ordered.Under the short-term exposure to radio

waves hydrogen protons are set in motion and fed a weak radio signal, which is detected by the installation.

Additional features provides the so-called MRI with contrast.The patient before scanning the blood introduced a special contrast agent.Thanks to this procedure, various fabrics on the computer screen become different colors that allows the doctor to diagnose more accurately.

By the way, precisely because of the strong magnetic field inside the MRI machine is strictly prohibited patients undergo the procedure if there is on the body or inside any metal parts from piercing to implants.

MRI technology provides a fairly accurate picture of internal organs and tissues, on the basis of which the occupational therapist is able to diagnose or suggest it and send it to additional inspections.

Computed tomography (CT)

Broadly, computer tomography - all modern methods of imaging, because they are conducted with the participation of the computer.But more often the case for simplicity called yet specific technology: the method of X-ray computed tomography.

As can be seen from the full title, in the method is based on a different technology - namely, the use of X-rays.CT scanner rotates around the body and takes pictures at different angles.The images are added and processed by a computer.

The result is a three-dimensional image of the examined organ or body part.On the basis of the image as a doctor makes a diagnosis.

MRI or CT: what method to choose

Although both methods and give approximately the same result, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.First of all, check with your doctor which method is best suited to your case.It happens that you can use any method of your choice, and it happens that strictly recommended MRI or CT.

Situations where preferably MRI

  • Suspected tumors and tumor-like formations in the soft tissues, brain tumor
  • Scanning intracranial nerves, pituitary, the contents of the orbit
  • Diagnostics brain and spinal cord pathologies membranes and tissues
  • Strokes
  • Research ligaments, the articular surfaces and muscular tissue
  • Staging cancer

Situations where preferable to CT

  • lesions of the skull bones, the facial skeleton, jaws, teeth and other bones
  • Diagnostics in aneurysms and atherosclerotic vascular lesions
  • Pathology of the thoracic cavity (tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Diagnostics parathyroid and thyroid
  • brain injury and skull bones
  • spinal diseases: disc herniation, osteoporosis, scoliosis

also need to keep in mind that CT is contraindicated in pregnancy andMRI - the presence in the body of metal prostheses or implants.

Among the advantages of CT lower price and reduced procedure time, which is important, for example, for children who have difficulty lying in the machine without moving.

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