Early cancer detection is increased

August 8 experts of the Rostov Research Institute surveyed residents of the district de Sales.Free admission on the basis of de Sales CRH was organized again in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Rostov region.

Earlier July 25, 2015 during the consultative examination oncologists RNIOI revealed 37 cases of primary cancer, the press service of the Institute.

« At this time, our experts examined 273 people, 39 of them identified cancer in 32 detected benign » , - said the head of a visiting group, deputy chief medical officer for surgery FGBU Ministry of Health "RNIOI"RF to. m. n. Dmitry Petrov .

« past two years, we in the Rostov region early detection increases - said Rostov region Health Minister Tatyana Bykovskaya .- We have a reduction in mortality from cancer, and increase in life expectancy - of more than 5 years after the surgery.But we should not stop, because the figures in the field is lower than the average » .

Today Rostov Cancer Research Institute and the Ministry

of Health of the Rostov region plan to increase the detection rate of cancer patients in the early stages, to teach people to monitor their health and promptly seek professional help.Malignant tumors are detected in early stages, are treated well.According to statistics, the survival rate among these patients is 95%. Oncologists RNIOI visit all areas of the Rostov region. Free RNIOI field meetings of experts in the areas will be regular.

Rostov Cancer Research Institute (RNIOI) is a large specialized oncology centers of Russian Federation, where to go for advice, which examined and treated the inhabitants of 15 territorial units of the Southern, North Caucasian and Crimean Federal District (the total number ofpopulation over 25 million).Clinical Institute of base consists of 744 beds, clinical and diagnostic department at 120 thousand. Of visits per year.During the year more than 20 thousand hospitalized patients, of which more than 13 thousand operations are performed.The Institute has 18 specialized offices, clinical laboratories and 8 3 experimental laboratories.It employs 41 Ph.D., 33 professors, 146 candidates of sciences, 3 associate professors, 23 Honored Doctor of Russia, 9 employees have the "Excellent Health" icon 4 - "Honored Worker of Health", 3 people were awarded orders and medals of Russia.Operations are conducted in 23 operating rooms, where weekly performed more than 200 surgeries.The scientific developments of the Institute are realized topics in three research areas: improvement and development of high-tech composite, complex methods of treatment and rehabilitation in oncology;study of neurohormonal and antioxidant systems of the body in the process of growth and tumor regression;development of individual programs for the prevention and modern models nemanifestirovannogo cancer screening based on the evaluation of carcinogenic cancer epidemiological situation.Training is carried out in the post-graduate and clinical internship.In the course of research and clinical work current employees of the institute have become sponsors of the opening and over 550 inventions related to surgical and diagnostic tools, instruments and devices, methods of treatment and diagnosis.

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