New treatments for varicose veins

dream of any person suffering from varicose veins, - to cure the disease in a timely manner and quickly that there was no pain and scarring, also at the right price.The rapid development of technology, including in the field of medicine, has led to new ways to treat varicose veins.

On the treatment of venous diseases in Latvia, says the president of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, a member of Latvian Surgeons Association, the Association of German Society of Phlebology, a member of the Mexican Association of Latvia and the World Society of Phlebology MD Uldis Mauriņš .

In classical traditional surgery the patient is hospitalized, performed anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.At the foot of doing at least two cuts - one in the groin, the second at the ankle.All vein ripped, and removing diseased portion, and healthy.After the sutures, the patient is in the hospital for a long time, following the bed rest.In remote areas the veins may persist for a long time the seal, scars, feet may swell, sometim

es can be lost skin sensitivity.It is necessary for a long time to wear compression stockings, and the affairs of everyday life, and even more so to work, a person can start in just a few weeks.It is worth mentioning that the classical method is now in last place among the popular ways to treat varicose veins.The reason is not only the length and painful process, but also the fact that in place of a remote vein after three years in about 20% of cases occurs again varicose veins, becausesurgery greatly injures the tissues around.

Ten years ago the majority of treatment for varicose veins operations performed traditionally, at present day in Latvia, 90% of all cases utilizes a laser.

Laser surgery takes half an hour

Laser surgery is incomparably more modern and less traumatic.This type of operation is performed without hospitalization: half an hour after the procedure, the patient is able to leave the clinic on their own.It not only can, but even should go to speed up the healing process.Many foreign patients combine business with pleasure and, having arrived to Riga for the treatment of veins after surgery go even walk around the city.

Such a result contributes to the fact that the operation is performed under local anesthesia, the patient make a few shots for the introduction of the anesthetic in the tissues around the operated vein - no anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.Operation on one leg lasts about 30 minutes.

is also important and continuous ultrasound guidance during the operation, and therefore the quality variable venous flow is interrupted, the main trunk of the vein shrinks and becomes blocked.So far less possibility of recurrence.

No relapses and remove side branches

In addition, the side branches are not removed immediately during the operation, as they often are reduced after the procedure on their own and become invisible.According to statistics, this happens in 80% of operated patients.

In rare cases, subsequently need to be removed and the branch, as a rule, due to the aesthetic side of the issue, however, if used, or other methods, or they are removed also under local anesthesia, which does not go to any comparison with relapses inherent classical operations.

During laser operation only punctures made: there is no cuts, respectively, do not overlap seams.This means that the cosmetic effect after the operation is excellent, on the feet will be left scars and traces, which is undoubtedly very important for the ladies.

After surgery, the patient does not need to enter the injection, you just painkillers, and that they needed very rarely.The patient can walk freely in an hour after the operation, as the work proceeds in the next few days, depending on the nature and extent of the expected loads.

important advantage is the fact that patients no longer have to wear compression stockings.This is, firstly, very convenient, because there are no constraints in the choice of clothing, and secondly, it gives the opportunity to do the operation in the summer, which seemed impossible.

The doctor has no right to save on materials

Laser treatment of varicose veins in world practice has been used for more than 15 years.However, patients should be aware that laser methods are very different: there are many different lasers and different laser fibers.Patients, of course, difficult to know whether the right laser, what is its wave, whether it is new, a laser wire in it.I advise you to choose the clinic where they held a large number of laser operations, and doubts about their quality is not where the latest technologies are used.We must take into account the reputation of the medical clinic.I especially recommend to beware of doctors and clinics that use laser to save wires repeatedly.In Europe, at the legislative level may not use the laser to re-wire.

Re-entry wire in a person's blood increases the risk of blood infection, HIV infection or AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.Moreover, with repeated use laser wire loses its properties: the ability to pass the laser energy is reduced.Therefore, before you decide on the operation, it is necessary to examine the proposed methods and to clarify whether the technology in the country is registered.

Tips for choosing a clinic

patient should rely on modern technology, to choose a clinic with a good reputation and a lot of practice work in this direction.We must look, what methods are available, how many operations done, which is surgery.

  • If, for example, in the clinic offers a variety of methods, it should be alerted.Physicians who care about the health of the patient is working on the most advanced technology.And equally effective different technologies by definition can not.
  • physician should offer the best and most effective to date.
  • It is also important to know whether the doctor does phlebologist ultrasonography (ultrasound) on their own or not.If the doctor does not use ultrasound during the operation and diagnosis, it is, by definition, will not be able to make high-quality operation - evidenced by international experience.At this point, it is necessary also to pay attention.
  • will not hurt to also ask if the doctor does sclerotherapy - the introduction of diseased veins special preparation.The fact that it is not always necessary and recommended surgery for various forms of varicose veins.The treatment for the individual patient with a specific diagnosis it may be different.To achieve optimal results, the combination can be used by various methods.To this end, the expert must have a thorough knowledge, and then the result will be the best.

The fact that laser surgery - the most painless, effective and rapid method for the treatment of varicose veins, no doubt.One only has to make sure whether he is suitable in your case, as well as the need to mentally prepare and learn all the nuances and peculiarities of the operation, the technology used, so as not to run into surprises.Having found out all the details and in consultation with an experienced professional, the dream of a painless and quick relief from varicose veins can become a reality.

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