Kidney Disease: pyelonephritis

Kidney Disease: pyelonephritis
If you suddenly sharply fever, headache, weakness appeared, a dull pain, excessive sweating, you may have an acute attack of pyelonephritis - an inflammatory kidney disease.

most common cause of pyelonephritis - a bacterial infection.This kidney disease commonly affects diabetics, people with reduced immunity and chronic inflammatory diseases.Another factor provoking pyelonephritis, urolithiasis is a disease in which disturbed the flow of urine from the kidney that promotes the growth of pathogens in it.

pyelonephritis: a group of risk

women of reproductive age - the most vulnerable category.The development of the disease due to the onset of sexual activity, pregnancy or childbirth, and often starts with acute cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).Quite often it pyelonephritis asymptomatic for years without affecting the well-being, but eventually becomes chronic.Therefore, 18-30-year-old woman is particularly carefully listen to your body and do not ignore these characteristic symptoms of the dis

ease of the kidneys, as a dull ache in the lower back.

disease can cause the development of anatomical features that identify, as a rule, fairly early.This explains the development of pyelonephritis in children.

elderly men suffering from BPH - another "target" pyelonephritis.Adenoma impedes the flow of urine from the bladder and consequently the kidneys.It promotes the growth of bacteria.

Persons elderly often develop uncharacteristic clinical picture kidney disease - or erased, or with severe general symptoms and the absence of local symptoms.

Acute or chronic pyelonephritis

This kidney disease as pyelonephritis, can begin sharply: a sharp rise in temperature to 39-40 ° C, lower back pain (usually on one side), weakness, seizures, headaches.In acute pyelonephritis observed profuse sweating, nausea and vomiting.Urination is not violated when uncomplicated pyelonephritis.

undertreated acute pyelonephritis when acute inflammation is removed, but it was not possible to destroy all pathogens in the kidney completely, becomes chronic.Chronic pyelonephritis is often detected during examination of urine or blood pressure measurement.There are complaints of general weakness, headache, loss of appetite, frequent urination, are constantly bothered dull aching pain in the lower back, especially in damp cold weather.

Chronic pyelonephritis at times exacerbated, and if the patient has all the signs of acute process.

Treatment pyelonephritis

primary acute pyelonephritis require hospitalization.Antibiotics, which are sensitive to the microflora of urine (it will show the analysis), as quickly as possible to eliminate the inflammatory process in the kidney.Held detoxification therapy.In the presence of immune adjuvants administered.

In secondary acute pyelonephritis (with difficulty passing urine), treatment should begin with the restoration of the passage of urine from the kidney - is essential.You may need to opreatsii:. Removal of enlarged prostate, kidney stones and urinary tract, urethra plastic, etc. Often this surgery gives stable remission of the disease, and no long-term antibiotic treatment.

Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis is fundamentally the same as acute, but more time-consuming.The general treatment of chronic kidney disease pyelonephritis complementary spa treatment.Profile spas are located in Russia, for example, in Truskovtse, Zheleznovodsk, Jermuk.

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