Hemorrhoids time to heal without pain

Hemorrhoids time to heal without pain
Hemorrhoids - disease, which it is in vain not to say aloud.Today, laser medical technology are being squeezed out of practice proctologists traditional surgical scalpel.Hemorrhoids - a disease that produced the most anecdotal rumors and has become synonymous with endless mishaps, which affects every 2nd man in adulthood, can now be cured without excruciating pain and blood loss.

popularly ironic that the Emperor Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo, because he could not sit in the saddle because of being enacted than hemorrhoid joke.Commander could only sympathize, because such opportunities as they are now, to treat this disease was not in sight.Nothing has changed in the statistics of hemorrhoids since Napoleon: this disease is still the leader in the list Proctologic disease, but its treatment method has undergone fantastic changes.

Surgeon-proctologist, a member of Latvian Surgeons Association, the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, the World Association of University Coloproctologists

and the European Association of Coloproctology Aigars Martinsons VitaPortala tells readers about this in detail.

begin with the diagnosis

benefits of early diagnosis of the disease is undeniable. Hemorrhoids - one of the fairly common worldwide diseases.According to statistics, every second adult suffers from it.It is no secret that the proctologist often confronted with cases of neglected and even very advanced disease, because even to themselves, patients are embarrassed to admit that they may have something wrong in this part of the body, not to mention theto decide on a visit to the doctor.

sooner see a doctor, the more likely not to bring the disease before surgery, because it can be effectively cured with the help of modern techniques, laser procedures, painless and less traumatic, after that do not require long-term rehabilitation.

It is important to know the exact diagnosis.Many patients resort to means that are available in the pharmacy themselves is diagnosed and treated yourself. However, self - it is fundamentally the wrong way, to the same even and dangerous, because you can aggravate the course of the disease, because under the guise of hemorrhoids can hide more dangerous diseases with similar symptoms , such as colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease, ulcerativecolitis, polyps and others.

The treated?

advantages of laser technology can not be compared with previous methods: they are less traumatic, the patient immediately after the manipulation can go home and get to work.There is a long and painful period of rehabilitation.

One of the main brakes of the visit to the doctor was always the fear of pain.But this not need to be afraid anymore.Modern methods of laser surgery, in fact, allow to make operation quick, bloodless and painless.The operation is performed on the intestinal mucosa, where there are no pain receptors.

Today in Latvia conducted two types of operations.One of them might even call the procedure, rather than surgery, and is the last word in the practice of medicine, because we have the equipment that allows the manipulation of a laser to remove the hemorrhoids right in the office.

immediate surgery is recommended for a small increase of hemorrhoids.After this procedure, after 10-15 minutes the patient is already active and, at the latest, the next day can continue its normal work rhythm.No need to take sick leave, lie in the ward.After this operation is not required medications.

If step increase hemorrhoids more running and already has a loss of nodes, then doctors offer patients another operation in which general anesthesia is required.With this operation, the patient will not be able the next day to go to work.He must still some time to spend alone.But sometimes, some patients who have had more complex operations, they want a miracle happened.But the operation is an operation.It takes time to restore power.

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