Neurologist Tips : how to get rid of a headache

Neurologist Tips : how to get rid of a headache
In today's world, where people are constantly experiencing stress and anxiety, headache becomes almost an everyday occurrence.This disease is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system and, according to statistics, 90% of people over the year at least once experienced it.

David Perlmutter , a member of the American College of Food, neurologist of the first category, offers advice to help cope with a headache.

Maintain an active lifestyle and exercise

From time immemorial, people have been very active until recently.Modern technology has become for us a window into the world of a sedentary lifestyle.Agree, almost everything we need, today, can be obtained without making almost no effort: sometimes do not even have to get out of bed.But do not forget that for millions of years, our genome evolved in a state of ongoing stress, because the man was in a constant search for food.We can say that the body requires regular physical activity in order to survive.Unfortunately, few of us today ha

ve such a desire.And as a consequence - increase in the number of chronic diseases, constant headaches, insomnia and poor memory.

To avoid all this, try to be more active during the day.Talking on the phone, walk;prefer to climb the stairs instead of the elevator;perform charging and often walk around at night.All this promotes relaxation and reduces tension in the head, eliminating the pain.

Determine sleep and wake-up time

Compliance cycle "sleep - wakefulness" - is the shortest way to get rid of headaches.The main thing - to determine for themselves at what time you are comfortable waking up in a bed.It is important to remember that sleep should last at least 7-8 hours.That constancy cycle "sleep - wakefulness" helps maintain homeostasis - the state of the organism when it balanced all physiological processes.

Think about nutrition

Do not skip meals and get rid of the habit of eating irregularly.As sleep your diet controls many hormonal processes, which in turn affect the risk of headache.

Remember how many cups of coffee and tea you drink a day?Caffeine - a substance that is actively causing headaches.But eating foods that contain healthy fats, such as Omega-3 help to strengthen your brain and make it work even more efficiently.So often eat avocados, fish, add nuts to your diet and refill salad oils such as sesame oil, olive oil or flaxseed.

Try to manage emotions

Anxiety, restlessness and excitement ... These emotions are one of the most common precipitating factors of headaches.People suffering from migraine are usually sensitive to events that cause stress.And it provokes the release of certain chemicals in the brain that can cause vascular changes and trigger migraines.

So learn to control these negative emotions can, through meditation or physical and breathing exercises.

Track patterns headaches

This helps determine when you are having the greatest risk, and to pay special attention to them.In women, for example, they can often be associated with the menstrual cycle.

Based on the book «Food and the brain»

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