Genetic research - a new trend for health

Genetic research - a new trend for health
Genetic research - a new trend for health and longevity.This tells Jeanne Sapozhkova, PhD, doctor of the highest category, a member of the Association of Russian clinical cytology, staff specialist of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Molecular genetic studies - is actively developing field of medical diagnostics.In some countries, identification of genetic risk is already included in the standards of health care as an important component of personalized medicine.Genetic tests are most often used for the detection of hereditary diseases, the development of risk assessment and prevention of various diseases and pathological processes, using assisted reproductive technologies and preparing for pregnancy, genetic counseling, oncology, cardiology, pharmacology.

Today, genetic testing is becoming more common among healthy people who want to keep for years to come youth and beauty, living in harmony with your genes.For these purposes

, there are tests of different levels - from the study of the whole genome (genetic passport) to special programs on the optimal diet for weight correction (nutrigenetika) or the most suitable sport (sports genetics).

genetic passport

In humans, thousands of genes.Each gene is responsible for a particular function, but in the end, together with other genes and factors it affects the general condition of the body.Through a combination of small differences in the DNA sequence (SNPs), each of us has their own individual health potential.The full man can reveal it by doing genetic research in the laboratory and received recommendations geneticists specialists in the prevention of disease, to which he had found an increased risk of the selection of pharmacotherapy, lifestyle, mode of physical activity and nutrition, abandonment unfavorable to him bad habits.The best option for such a survey is the "genetic passport", which explores some 250 of the most important human genetic polymorphisms that determine the existence of risks of the most common mutations and the development of serious diseases.Information on the structure of the gene can be used for family planning and to develop personalized programs for the conservation of health and longevity.For women and men in the "genetic passport" there are differences related to the structure of the genome.

Nutrigeneticheskie tests

new actively developing field of genetic testing, is widely demanded by people wanting to lose weight and continue to support the achieved results.Special complex "Metabolism, weight correction" will help you choose the most suitable combination of personal human species diet and type of physical activity required to maintain body weight in the desired range.

Sport genetics

special section of genetic tests intended for people seriously involved in sports.Today there are more than 25 genes that have the greatest importance in the evaluation of the individual characteristics of metabolism, energy balance, muscle structure and its ability to restore, portability strenuous exercise.Testing for the best sports specialization, streamline the training process and the power and significantly limit the impact of hazards on health.The advanced genetic research program "Sport" also includes a set of tests of medical genetics, allowing to reveal a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis.Conducting tests "Sport" can be at any age, but is most optimal for the children to choose a sports discipline.For those who have deliberately engaged in bodybuilding, suitable target complex tests "Muscles" for assessing human performance in a rapid and safe build muscle when strength training.And for those who due to fitness dreams of having the perfect body proportions, it is the target complex "Figure".

note that genetic testing is sufficient to perform only once, as the human genotype does not change throughout life.It's enough just to donate blood in the laboratory, conducting research data.

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