What you need to shoot down the temperature of the child

Every parent wants his baby grow strong and healthy, but unfortunately, no one is immune from the banal colds.Against the background of the body fight viruses - causative agents of disease and the temperature rises.This factor gives a lot of concern to parents, but often in practice it turns out that the reason is not at all nervous.

Here we present a few facts about children's temperature, will tell when the child needs to bring down the temperature and by what means.


First and most important: temperature rise is not a reason for panic.Children's body fights viruses by destroying bacteria.This is a normal reaction to the virus from entering the body!

Interesting fact: in the era of medieval healers and medicine men people began to notice that the person gets better, if it will be in a warm, even hot environment.This is a scientific explanation - at a temperature of 37 degrees most of the pathogenic bacteria in the human body dies.Hence the legend about the healing properties of the


But we digress from the topic.What you need to shoot down the temperature of your child?The unequivocal answer is difficult to give, so parents need to consider several factors.

  • If your child is less than 2 months old and he had a fever, do not think, than it bring down on their own, immediately call a doctor!Fragile body baby is not ready for such a reaction of the body, and can go into convulsions.
  • Asked what temperature you need to knock down a child, it is necessary to rely on the opinions of pediatricians.

Increased child's body temperature is considered, if it exceeds 38.5 degrees.Or if 37.5-38 kept for several days.In both these cases, the child's body needs help.

What can bring down the temperature of your child?

Children's body is more prone to allergies to medicines, and more prone to side effects, so the drug should be chosen carefully as possible.

If you are thinking how to bring down the temperature of the year-old child or younger child, be sure to remember: kids in any case should not be given aspirin and analgin!These drugs, in rare cases can trigger the so-called Reye's syndrome.However, this disease is quite difficult to treat, so it's best not to risk it and use other drugs.You can give paracetamol syrup.Child option antipyretic much less concentrated, which means that the risk of allergic reactions is much lower.However, for kids of all ages there are different drugs with specific instructions, so you should consult with a pharmacist.

So how to bring down the temperature of your child if you can not use the medication in the long run?

best to limit the so-called folk remedies.

Good action gives tea with raspberries.Let your child plenty of fluids, in small portions, but often.Do not wrap the baby, it is better to create a light in a room cool - so the temperature will be more easily transported.

Important! Do not give your child more than three doses of drug in a single day.It can cause fever, strengthening, general weakness and vomiting - fragile body baby does not tolerate high doses of medication.

Another factor to keep in mind before you decide what and when to knock down a child's temperature - be sure to pay attention to the baby's behavior.If the baby's temperature is within the acceptable medical standards, but the baby is experiencing discomfort, you should give the medicine.

Important! Dry mouth, piercing crying babies and yearling crumbs, severe sore throat, ear or in the whole body, pallor, convulsions, lack of appetite for a long time, severe irritability - all these symptoms indicate that the time has comewhen the temperature of the child need to knock down.

Finally.If in spite of compliance with all the treatment, the positive effect does not come within three days, and the kid is not getting better, do not think how to bring down the temperature of your child, and do not look for new ways - call your doctor immediately.

Remember, the child's body is more vulnerable and sensitive to drugs than the adult organism, and therefore any serious actions related to the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified professional.

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