Blue Blood Bulldog: Dog planters

strong and hardy breed, advocate and loyal friend.

in South Georgia for quite a long time, were distributed so-called dog planters.Each of them owned lived a few dozen.It was almost the only breed that farmers used to protect.But at the beginning of the XX century Blue Blood Bulldog, it was on the verge of extinction.

History of breed

breeder Buck Lane, owner of his own nursery, drew attention to the plight of the breed.He decided that this dog has a big potential.Since the revival of the breed, which is still ongoing.

During breeding were awarded the unique features of an animal character.It copes with the protection of not only the owner, but also throughout.Despite its relatively small size of the dog manages to be everywhere.

Now the breed is not considered to be common, but it does not prevent its representatives inhabit virtually all over the globe.There are a large number of nurseries and clubs, virtually no major exhibition is complete without this animal.

Most canine organizations reco

gnized this breed is still in the middle of the last century.


Despite its relatively small size, these dogs have considerable weight, which can be up to 50 kg in males and above.Females about a third lighter and below.For these animals is characterized by a very marked division of gender.

Build very massive, dense and powerful.The back is straight, with a rounded transition area in the scapular neck.Chest very broad and muscular.The neck is short and thick.The forelegs are almost equal in length rear.They have a medium size and a few thin for such a large animal.This allows the dog to run fast and overcome considerable distance.

Head large and massive.It features a large wide, especially in the cheeks.The muzzle is elongated, the nose of considerable length.The skull is strong, with more angular edges.All features of the muzzle markedly pronounced.At the top of the head has an oblong cavity width of a few centimeters.It runs from the top and ends approximately at eye level.This is not a feature of the skull, and a special arrangement of the facial muscles.

eyes alapahskogo bulldog widely delivered and are closer to the edges of the snout than to the center.They have an average size and circular in shape.The ears are located on the edges of the crown and hanging loosely at his sides.The first third of the cartilage firm, slightly raises them.

animal hair very short and tight to the body.Most often, two-tone color: at least half white.The absence of this feature is considered to be a reason for disqualification.


Blue Blood Bulldog - rather non-aggressive and intelligent animal.He is suspicious of strangers, but it is easy to find common language with them.However, it can become very angry and dangerous, if the owner or his family is threatened.This makes it an ideal guard, because there is no need to keep him on a leash.

This dog is known for his incredible dedication.She is tied for life to a single host.If it will not, then most likely, the animal will not like anyone else.

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