English Cocker Spaniel : energetic and cheerful dog

English Cocker Spaniel : energetic and cheerful dog
English Cocker Spaniel - playful and cheerful friend.

present representative of this breed is always cheerful, upbeat and open to contact.No wonder that cockers find the perfect breed for beginners sobakovladeltsev.You no longer have to wrestle with him no matter where to go and what to do.From English Cocker Spaniel these difficulties cease to exist, he is happy to take these decisions for themselves.

Because this breed can cultivate excellent hunters, because Cockers have not lost their passion and hunting instincts.If you too love animals and you liking more peaceful occupations, from the cocker can grow a great athlete.

English Cocker Spaniel Breed Story

beginning of the breed was laid one hundred and fifty years ago, when the English Cocker Spaniel dog show debuted on a separate class.The name of the breed conceals both the origin and destination of the animal.

is based on the word "spaniel" put its geographic homeland, Spain.Progenitors of this breed, by which the Spaniards hunted network,

in the middle of the XIX century came in England.The root of the word "Cocker" part contains the words "woodcock", which translated to English means "Woodcock".

It woodcocks cocker spaniels hunting in marshy lowlands.Nowadays, English Cocker Spaniels most can be classified as companions rather than hunters, and the reason for this evolution, presented them with a relatively small size and a great devotee of the character.

English Cocker Spaniel: the breed standard

This dog breed is characterized by a developed, well marked skull.Long, drooping forward ears covered with long curly hair.The eyes are very lively, kind, intelligent and funny.The tail is mostly exposed to the relief of a third or half of its length.The coat is smooth, soft and silky.

Color may vary between one color and mixed.Plain colored Cocker Spaniels can have on breast small white spot, and in the case of mixed color should not be the dominant colors, they can only be present in equal proportions.

height at withers males - 39-41 cm, females - 38-39. See typical adult weight of 12,5-14,5 kg.

English Cocker Spaniel: the pros and cons

active and cheerful character of the English Cocker Spaniel is able to cure any melancholy host.Even one view of how the dog moves harmoniously while running as fluttering in the wind curls her hair, how she genuinely enjoys meeting his master, wagging his tail tirelessly, it is already able to bring a lot of positive emotions.

coat and ears of the representatives of this breed requires careful maintenance, as inherent in the English Cocker Spaniel endless energy and activity are pretty easy to tire by the phlegmatic nature of man, not loving much noise and mobility.

However, if you are able to appreciate friendship and dedication, if you do not have enough affectionate and responsive partner who is willing to share with you the joy of every moment of existence, the better dog than the English cocker spaniel, you will not find.

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