Dentistry in elderly

exclusive interview korrespondent surgeon, MDSergei Kuznetsov.

Dentistry in older

Interview director general of the network dentists' Center for Aesthetic Dentistry "Sergei Vladimirovich candidate of medical sciences Kuznetsova

- What are the major dental problems in the elderly?

- The main problem of people gerontological age - is, of course, the loss of teeth and the need for prosthetics.By age, due to health status, the situation is different at all.However, there is a moment which is a stumbling block for almost all older people: the cost of such treatment.Yes, and among the people of venerable age has actively working people who can afford to pay for treatment, but a minority.There is a group of people who help children and the elderly are those for whom there is no one to pay.People find themselves in social isolation due to inability to fully communicate, feel marginalized.This pain and lameness of our modern society.

- We shall return to this

subject, talking about public funding of such problems.In the meantime, tell me, under any chronic diseases need to be particularly attentive to the condition of the oral cavity?

- Major chronic diseases, which should cause the voltage at the surgeon - implantologist and the anesthetist, experts have mixed - it's diabetes, cardio - vascular system, excretory system, nervous and mental disorders.This core group of diseases, which can happen largest number of complications.Moreover, many of these disease patients combined.

- What are the possibilities of modern medicine on a part of the prosthesis in this group of people?

- Patients suffering from the above diseases and lost a significant amount of teeth as an alternative - dental implants.However, depending on the needs of the patient, his social and financial aspiration capabilities, the number of implants may be different.You can set two implants to keep the prosthesis, or a plurality, if he plans to speak at conferences or on TV.To the right approach to dental implants, you need to adjust the state of health, to make it close to normal as possible.Then it guaranteed good effect.

- Dental care at home for patients with severe physical infirmity - a myth or reality?

- Emergency Dentistry at home - is not a myth at all, but a common practice.Remove the tooth at home can and the doctor from the clinic.The question is how quickly it will come.Another thing - the level of technology, which at home can be used.Of course, the quality seal the channels lying patients is impossible, it can only be done in a hospital, in the clinic.To do this, arrange the transportation of the patient, and here lies another difficulty.Well, if there are children or close relatives, and if a person is in a nursing home or hosting?Alas, here it is possible to count only on volunteers, compassionate people.While abroad, transportation and maintenance of bedridden patients - daily practice.Hence, there is talk about a minimum dental care at home - removing pain, tooth extraction, the opening of the abscess.

- Are there in our country special treatment and prosthetics programs for the elderly?

- In the Russian Federation, according to official figures, 30% of the population - the elderly.In Soviet times, it was a specialized financing (at least at a minimum level), the maintenance of adequate dental (at the time) status, were clinical examination, were provided some rehabilitation, and even prosthetics, which at that time was considered modern.In general, something so happened in this area.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and to the present day 25% of the population were simply beyond the financial interests.State funding in this area is not at all.It turns out that all this is a huge number for a category of people who worked all his life, he does not receive any proper help, but even more highly skilled, high-tech.Society has to aspire to and have something to fight.


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