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What is the sequencing, what is the method for the determination of the disease and how it differs from the already known.

about developments in the field of molecular diagnostics correspondent VitaPortal.ru said the head of the department of molecular diagnostics and epidemiology of FSIS CRIE Rospotrebnadzor, MD Herman Shipulin.

- In America some time ago there were tests with microchips that determine blood glucose levels, or HIV.Our developers strive to do something like that?

- You mean Tests Point-of-care?They do have, but these are isolated cases.There are rapid tests for pregnancy with microchips, tests with two major markers of infarction.We are also already on sale, but they are not accurate enough, you still have to go to the laboratory and tests.

in Russia do tests with microchips, but for laboratories, not to consumers.Institute of Molecular Biology is developing genomic - they can detect the DNA and RNA of the organism, and the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology makes protein

.I think over time, genomic sequencing sensors will be forced out.

- What makes this method?

- sequencing reveals the nucleotide sequence, even if we do not know what it is before us.That is, it is able to fully define the unidentified object.The microchip can only recognize a given molecule and sequencer - Universal device distinguishes all that is not known.

- It is likely that such devices will be produced in Russia?

- We develop sequencing is not involved, but they do exist in our laboratories.This year, the leading foreign representatives was released just three cars, they board, small cost in the region of 3 million rubles, and today it can not afford any bacteriological laboratory.Our institute immediately bought two, the first launched a month ago.

- Something has managed to explore a new machine?

- Yes, already otsekvenirovali gene of BCG vaccine, which is used for immunization against tuberculosis.While we simply study, the genome of the bacteria - it is very difficult, it tens of thousands of components are encoded in the genome of all property as recorded in the book of information in the form of letters.

We want to understand what is not good is our strain, the ultimate goal of the work - to improve our vaccine against tuberculosis.In Russia, the biggest epidemic of tuberculosis in the world, but all vaccinated.The effectiveness of vaccination is very little importance.

While we sekveniruem microorganisms that were discovered by our fathers, and then move on to working with the new material.

- When sequencers appear in hospitals?

- Now I'm going to write a project for the Moscow city government to the Second Hospital of Infectious Diseases Centre made on decoding of cases of unknown etiology.While on patients with obscure disease doctors, in fact, experimenting, trying one thing after another drug, trying to help him.We have a different approach: we believe that by sequencing and protein chips, we can one day establish a diagnosis.Of all of infectious diseases caused 80% and 20 known microorganisms% - not studied until now.We want to know each of them to see if people fell ill, we could figure out for the day, causing him to heal.

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