Havana: elegant and faithful companion

Havana: elegant and faithful companion
stunningly graceful cat with emerald eyes.

If you see a stunningly graceful creature dark chocolate color with bright emerald eyes, make no mistake - this is Hawaii.Although except for the name of Cuba did not bind the cat, the temperament of her, perhaps south.This elegant animal endowed with sociability, a strong character and a perfect heart.

Cats breed Havana Breed Story

Mysterious Havana, as well as their Siamese sisters, are descended from Siam, as evidenced by an ancient manuscript with illustrations, written between 1350 and 1767 year in the city of Ayudha.According drevnesiamskim beliefs, brown cats have the ability to protect their owners from evil influence.

With Siamese thick chocolate color came to Britain at the beginning of the last century and immediately became popular.A century later, blue-eyed Siamese cats pressed brown among fans of the short-haired breeds.Only in the 50s of the twentieth century as a result of cross-breeding Siamese chocolate-point domestic shorthair with bl

ack color, and seal-point Siamese with Russian Blue born chocolate brown cat with bright green eyes, which is known today under the name "havana".In Britain remained east of Havana style and a North American version of this breed has become more rounded, less "Siamese" shape.


Havana - surprisingly graceful cat with hair of rich warm chocolate shades, brown nose lobe and pink-brown paw pads.Havana should not have tabby markings or white spots on the legs, but, according to some standards of the breed, there may be variations in color smooth grayish-pink colors (lilac color).Expressive eyes light green, green or dark emerald, oval, without strabismus.At Port slightly elongated head with a strong chin, a little too big and their ears are rounded at the tips, and tilted forward.The body of these strong, hardy cats muscular, medium size.The tail is not very long, according to the standard, without creases, tapering at the end.

Care Havana

Care for Havana easily.Due to the short coat without undercoat intensive grooming cats of this breed do not need.Moreover, frequent washing and grooming may cause damage to the appearance of fur and bald spots.Just one special comb rubber brush a month, and this fur graceful beauty will shine.The only caveat - you need to comb out very carefully so as not to damage the thick fur and does not injure the skin.


main advantages of Hawaii - sociability and ability to adapt.If you love smart, kind, loyal and rather talkative cats, there is no better companion than Havana, you will not find.Driven by the usual feline curiosity and desire to be close to the host, port gladly share all household duties of the owner, whether it's washing dishes, cooking or cleaning.These cats are ready to spend hours playing with a piece of crumpled paper and happily bring the owner a variety of items.

By nature most extroverts, so do not expect from the port behavior obedient, silent children who are patiently waiting for them to pay attention.They can not stand the loneliness, so forever absent or too busy person it would be better to choose another, less dependent and sensitive animal, or start to Havana cat companion.Havana get along wonderfully with other living beings, and adore children.If your house two cats and one of them - Havana, you'll find me not just touching a picture of them sleeping together in an embrace.

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