Yoga for potency

Yoga for potency
Often we hear about the beneficial effects of yoga on the body, including the positive effects yoga has on the potency.

modern men have to cope with many problems, with the result that it may be reduced potency.There are various exercises aimed at maintaining and strengthening the muscles that have a positive impact on virility.Activities such as yoga for potency needed every man.

complex yoga exercises to improve potency

  1. Rubbing the coccyx:

Lie on your back and took a comfortable position.Hands behind your head to throw, bend your knees.First, at a rapid pace belly breathing 10-15 times, then gently move your hips to the side 25-27 times, as though rubs tailbone.

  1. Exercise "Plow»:

Lie on your back, the head is a foot away from the wall, arms lie along the body.Lifting his feet up, to try to reach the walls of the toes.If successful attempt to secure the position to try, pushing his feet against the wall, moving toes down - so that as close as possible to the head.Being in this position, to

do at least 5 breaths, then slowly bend the legs back to the starting position, relax and breathe deeply.

If the exercise is not difficult, it can be more difficult.Take a breath, put his legs behind his head, his fingers touching the floor legs, and make a few more deep breaths.Then slowly straighten up, alternately touching the floor vertebrae.When the back is on the floor, stretch your legs perpendicular to the floor, take a deep breath and lower legs.Relax.

  1. exercise "Cobra»:

Lying on your stomach, bend your hands, resting his hands on the floor, your elbows are raised.Straighten your legs while pulling socks.On the inhale to lift his head, arching up and back, arms at the same time used only for support.Maximum caved in, stay in this position for about 10 seconds, taking a deep breath.Take the starting position.

  1. rotation of the pelvis:

Sit on a chair, his head turned to face the back.Rotate hips in a circle, holding back, for one rotation to perform inhalation and exhalation.Breathe stomach.Repeat 15 times.

  1. Exercise "Protryaska»:

to face the wall, making a half-step back.Slightly resting the fingers on the wall, shifting from foot to foot.

  1. Exercise "Bow»

Lying on his stomach, legs bent at the knees, lifting them to take over the ankle.Inhaling, raise your feet up, then lowered, relaxing, breathing deeply.If the ankle to get hard, you can use a towel or rope.

Yoga Exercises to improve the potency perform daily 2 hours after a meal or 1.5 before meals.

The positive impact of yoga on men's health.

Yoga for potency beneficial effects on:

  • blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • adrenal glands: they begin intensive work by allocating more sex hormones;
  • yoga classes teach peace, acting positively on mental health.

Getting such pursuits as yoga for potency, it is necessary to take into account that there are a number of contraindications to perform some asanas, so you need to consult a doctor.

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