Show language.What it tells the state language

Externally language understood form and surface can assume some diseases.Doctors check the condition of the patient's language and view it as a symptom.

Language healthy baby pale pink, symmetrical and smooth.A small recess extends along the tongue in the middle, and on the surface of the observed thin, transparent coating.

raid on

main alarming sign language - a coating on the tongue.

yellow coloring indicates a problem with the stomach, gallbladder or spleen.

White plaque may indicate inflammation in the body.It is frequently observed in acute respiratory infections, runny nose or cough.White plaque with edema language can be a symptom of yeast infection occurring in patients receiving antibacterial agents.

gray or bluish patina - a sign of liver disease.

colorful plaque may be a sign of tuberculosis.

brown patina indicates severe pneumonia or diabetic coma.

¬ęGeographic tongue" - a symptom, in which the plaque is not uniformly covers the entire body language, and only sites.This state is ob

served with a decrease in immunity, hypovitaminosis or parasitic diseases.Also observed during pregnancy, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and allergies.In some people, geographic tongue is the norm for this.


Raspberry language - a characteristic symptom of scarlet fever.

¬ęLaminated", that is a brilliant, polished language can be a sign of lack of vitamin B12.Especially if the child complains of periodic burning and tingling tongue.

Bluish tongue may be a sign of cardiopulmonary failure.

gray coloration indicates chronic constipation.


thick tongue may indicate a decrease in the thyroid gland, pituitary gland diseases and mental disorders.

language Increase in size, swelling and swelling characteristic of hypothyroidism, that is, reduce thyroid function.

Cracks in the language - a sign of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Swelling, redness and increase papillae tongue may indicate a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.A decrease or atrophy of the papillae may indicate biliary tract disease or gastritis.


Normally tongue should be moist.Increased dryness of language is observed in intestinal obstruction, dehydration, diseases of the salivary glands, accompanied by a decrease in saliva formation and diabetes.


prints teeth in language indicate iodine deficiency, violation or assimilation of food diseases of the spleen.

deep longitudinal crack across the surface of the tongue may indicate heart problems.

Multiple cracks in the surface of the tongue may be indicative of colon disease.

fissured tongue may be a sign of damage to the central nervous system and the endocrine organs.


elongation of the filiform papillae and coloring in black, white or brown color is observed in hairy leukoplakia, in which on the lateral surface of the tongue formed white folds or ridges - a marker of HIV infection.

Tons language - a disease which is based on actinic and growth of buds and black staining.Most developing after infectious diseases, SARS, and antibiotics for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

spots, sores, rashes

plotnovata White spots are formed as a result of frequent irritation of the language.Frequently observed during smoking.

Ulcers on the tongue may be a sign of canker sores, herpetic infections or trauma.large ulcer may be indicative of primary syphilis, and many small - about Crohn's disease.

Rash white at the edges of language may indicate the lichen planus, as sharp maroon or bluish pimples - syphilis.Small

education in the form of pyramids - a sign of pharyngitis.

Situation language

Deviation tongue hanging out to the side is often a sign of a stroke.

Trembling or tremors, language seen in hyperthyroidism, diseases of the central nervous system, increased anxiety and fever.

offset and changing the language situation may be the result of abnormalities or tumors surrounding organs.

fasciculations or twitching of muscle fibers language is observed in thyrotoxicosis and emotional excitement.

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