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Making room for the newborn

Making room for the newborn
How to create the right environment for your baby.

Room newborn unchanged will serve his master two or three years.Psychologists recommend that at the beginning of the life of the baby not to change his environment.

At this time, the world around the child should be stable.Therefore, when planning the decoration and furnishings of the room, it should be noted that the child will soon begin to reach yesterday inaccessible objects and try everything by heart.


Regarding color of the room for the newborn psychologists do not give general recommendations.Some experts suggest to dilute the overall warm pastel tone walls and furniture accents in red, because this color stimulates the development of the baby.Others, however, are not advised to use the red in the interior of the nursery, because it can excite the child unnecessarily.

The same duality of the recommendations found in relation to white, the traditional children's furniture and linen.White includes the whole spectrum of colors and is th

us subconscious anxiety.On the other hand, white color - a synonym of purity, white is easy to see the error of cleaning, and white linens can be subjected to intensive washing.

only thing all psychologists agree: in the baby room should not be anything black because black - is the negation of color.


To highlight children's better to use several light fixtures to create a soft diffused light.Crib should be placed away from the window and the battery to protect the baby and from the bright sunlight, and from drafts and from the hot, dry air flows.The windows should be fitted with blinds or hang tight short length of the sill, curtains.

floor and walls

All that is in the baby's room should be made of harmless materials, do not have sharp corners and be comfortable for daily wet cleaning.Ventilate the room should be 3-4 times a day.If a baby cot is wooden, it should be treated to a perfect smoothness and covered with varnish or paint.

It is best to lay in the children's room parquet or cork floors, but is also suitable laminate or linoleum.They are easy to clean, the floor on this baby will not be able to scratch or put a splinter, like on an ordinary wooden.Carpets, which are difficult to keep clean, it is necessary to remove the time.When a child begins to crawl, it is better to buy washable carpet with a short nap.

outlets must either move to a considerable height, or install covers.And as far as possible to set a plinth with an inner groove for the wire - it is necessary to make them qualitatively as little fingers are usually easy otkovyrivayut them.


Dust mites can cause allergies.Besides carpets, they like to settle in the feather pillows and blankets.If parents prefer natural bedding for the baby, they should regularly make the balcony - sun or frost kill dust mites.

to natural fillers are also seaweed and coconut.They are hypoallergenic.

pillows and blankets with synthetic filler is preferably just as they are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Set for children's

crib, changing table, wardrobe or chest of drawers and a chair for feeding - that's the usual array of furniture in the room for the newborn.On all the furniture has to be a health certificate certifying that it is harmless to the child.If the room is not enough space or baby reserved area in the parent room, comfortable bed is convertible with drawers for clothes and a chest of drawers with a hinged lid for swaddling.

Additionally, you can purchase the arena (if the child will often stay in one room) and a sofa for mothers (if the child is restless or ill, it will be much easier to fall asleep, when mom next).

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