Facts about slings

Facts about slings
How to use slings: safety rules.

sling called a piece of cloth of a certain size to be used for carrying babies.They come in several forms: Sling-scarf, sling backpack sling with rings, etc.About slings so far are controversial.Some mothers can not do without them, and some categorically reject them.In addition, the question of how safe are the slings for the child, remains open.

Arguments "forĀ»

  • Slings can be used from the very first months of baby's life.This pipsqueak feels very comfortable in a sling.Sling provides the most physiological position of the baby's body.
  • In most types of slings baby can breastfeed.This is especially useful for walking on the street.
  • Slings convenient for mom: a baby is always there, is not capricious, while her mother freed his hands.

arguments "againstĀ»

  • In the US, there are statistics neonatal deaths, the cause of which steel slings: kids they just suffocated.Perhaps mom incorrectly stacked them in slings or did not notice that the nose in something rests.In
    Russia there is no such statistics.While this is likely due to the fact that the percentage of US slingomam much higher than in our country.
  • risk of various injuries.It all depends on what the mother carrying the baby in a sling.If mom is running or performing any physical exercise, the child can fall out of the sling.If mom cooks, irons, or drinking a hot drink - the chances of burns.


Taking into account all the arguments, we can conclude that the sling - a very useful thing, if you observe when you use certain security measures.

  • Lay the baby in a sling properly.The stores, which sell slings tend to have advisors.They will show how to put the baby in a sling to ensure maximum comfort and safety to him.
  • can not cook a hot meal, have a hot, iron, when the baby in a sling.Not worth the risk, even if the mother is confident in his care.
  • can not engage in active exercise with the baby in a sling because you can not see, as a child falls.

Despite the opinion of some skeptics, the majority of experts are inclined to believe that the sling is simply necessary modern mom.It is proved that children who are often in a sling, calmer.They are less likely to intestinal colic, and feeding problems.

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