Stem cells and birth trauma

placental cells can be used to treat infants.

Soon will be available a new and unique method of treating brain injuries in babies during childbirth, researchers from Switzerland say.

study conducted by MD Martin Müller with a group of researchers from the Bern University of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Bern University Hospital have shown that stem cells derived from the placenta, can significantly improve the condition of children suffering from neonatal encephalopathy.

One of the main causes of neonatal brain damage is preterm birth.Despite huge efforts to prevent it, traumatic brain injury remains one of the largest clinical problems of premature babies.Most cases of neonatal encephalopathy found in infants with very low birth weight, and include both hypoxia-ischemia and inflammation.In 25-50% of cases the appearance of cognitive and behavioral disorders.The experiment was conducted by Swiss scientists with the use of mesenchymal stem cells derived from the placenta."Stem cells are a promising sourc

e for transplantation after brain injury.They retain the ability to divide throughout life and can be converted into the more than 200 cell types that may contribute to the expansion of opportunities for renovation and repair of tissues "- Martin Mueller said

neuroprotective effect scientists have studied the entered cells in rats, in which imitated.. brain trauma "in our study, the donor cells survived, targeted migrated into the damaged parts of the brain and lead to neurological improvement", - the authors of said quotation leads portal sciencedaily com

to date, the problem of brain damage in infants is critical...and is considered to be resolved. However, the scientists hope that in the near future the method proposed by them will be finalized and put into everyday clinical practice.

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