Yoga for Healing

Yoga for Healing
befell the art of yoga is often called twice-born.And this is partly true, because yoga has both spiritual and physical renewal and healing.

Yoga - is not only flexible and plastic body.This inner harmony, health and youth.Regular practice of yoga allows, having mastered the techniques of self-control, relaxation and breathing exercises, get rid of stress, boost immunity.

for practicing yoga healing physical ailments is considered a priority, as the physical body he considers a kind of vehicle for the soul, moving to perfection.

importance of asana in yoga

on tasks that are put before the asanas (postures in yoga), they are divided into meditative and therapeutic.Meditative asanas, as the name implies, is used for meditation.Being in a meditative asanas promotes the knowledge of the higher stages of yoga.If we consider yoga as a healing, you should pay attention to the therapeutic asana.

However, you can view and meditative yoga asanas like spa treatments, as they have a beneficial effect on the

nervous system, reduce her anxiety, the body can be derived from a stress state, as well as a beneficial effect both on the male and female genital organs.

Meditative (or relaxation) asanas are some of the basic yoga.The most widely known are the following:

  • Padmasana (lotus pose);
  • Siddhasana (half lotus pose);
  • sukhasana (happiness posture, comfortable posture);
  • Svastikasana (prosperity pose);
  • Savasana;
  • Vajrasana.

Indications and contraindications to perform the asanas

order to bring healing yoga, you need to realize the importance of proper implementation of asanas.But we should remember that, as with other methods of healing, yoga has its contraindications.

example, widespread in hatha yoga stretching Bhudzhangasana (cobra pose), in spite of the relative simplicity of implementation, is the fourth asana importance.Its therapeutic effect is quite wide:

  • strengthening the muscles of the back and chest;
  • tonic effect on the sympathetic nervous system;
  • normalization of pancreatic functions;
  • strengthening the thyroid gland;
  • prevention of kidney stones.

But along with this, Bhudzhangasany there are a number of contraindications, namely:

  • pregnancy;
  • hernia and infringing vertebral discs;
  • offset dorsal vertebrae;
  • sciatica in the acute stage;
  • gastrointestinal, kidney and gynecological diseases in exacerbation.

There are contraindications and other asanas.Therefore, they should develop only under the guidance of an experienced yoga master, and then the therapeutic effect of exercise will be maximal.

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