Kan de palleyro ( straw dog) : the shepherd and defender

This vigilant, brave and very clever dog, in appearance resembling a shepherd, considered the rarest breed in the world.

Kan de palleyro (straw dog) - very smallest breed even at home in Spain.This shepherd, protecting from predators cattle, they make excellent guard.

Kan de palleyro - versatile dog that could serve in the police, used as a bloodhound, lifeguard and even a guide.

History of breed

Kan de palleyro native of Galicia, the region in the northwest of Spain.For centuries, dogs have lived here, who helped to graze and protect the herd.At Canal de palleyro were so remarkably developed operating properties that Galicians could trust him with a herd of two hundred heads, and were confident that it will remain intact.

breed name is translated as "the dog out of the barn for straw."So this dog was called, because at that time they are born shepherds spent the night in a shed for straw.

By the end of the XX century there was a sharp rock threat of extinction, as these dogs often thoughtlessl

y mated with other breeds.However, in 1999 the Spanish Government actively to rebuild the breed, the program has been carried out for the collection of purebred animals.

With twenty dogs, found in 1999, by 2008 their number increased to 157. The first standard for the breed was in 2001, the first national breed club was created by fans of a few years, the representatives of which still are working on further recoverypopulation.

FCI breed is not recognized.


In appearance kan de palleyro very similar to the German Shepherd.

medium size head, parietal part of the plane, the transition from forehead to muzzle is not clearly defined.Muzzle fairly long, tapering towards the nose, big nose.The eyes are small, oval-shaped, the color depends on the color of the dog, look lively and inquisitive.The ears are rather large, erect, slightly rounded at the tips.

housing slightly elongated format, very powerful.The neck is solid and muscular.The rib cage is full and deep, loins broad and strong.The limbs are straight and muscular, very strong.Tail Set high, medium length, reaches to the hock, thick at the base.At rest the dog holds his lowered down.

height at the withers in males - 59-65 cm, females - 57-63 cm -. 25-38 kg.

Coat and color

Wool is thick and tough, especially in a rough winter.

Color is usually solid, from sand to black, sometimes there are representatives from the wolf's color, there are also white markings.


Kan de palleyro different sweet temper, and extraordinary wisdom and humility.In difficult situations, the dog is able to make their own decisions, but if there is a host command, the dog unquestioningly execute it.

The family kan de palleyro good, very sensitive and affectionate pet.However, these dogs are very distrustful of strangers, but males may show more aggression to others.We must not forget that initially this breed was intended to protect, not to the soul.Kan de palleyro - born vigilant guard, and the guard, who until recently will fight for their territory.

Training and education of dogs need to be addressed at an early age, to use at the same time tough and persistent methods, do not forget about the early socialization.

Dogs of this breed are unpretentious, characterized by stamina and good health.Regularly take care of hair, vychesyvaya its special brush.

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