What and how to drink

to effectively cleanse the body and good health nutritionists recommend drinking at least two liters of water per day.However, most of us in daily life is replaced by a liquid necessary for tea, coffee, juice.Here are a few tips on how to make yourself a drink is water.

Water - is life.Drink it needs a lot and preferably not in the form of sweet drinks or solutions (tea, coffee, and other), namely the original pure form.

Use lemon

our spoiled taste buds perceive the taste of water as fresh, some even feel a metallic taste or other additives.Try to squeeze into the water a little lemon juice.So it will acquire the taste.A yellow lemon slices also lift your spirits.

The access area

Let the water is in front of you on the desk next to the computer.So, each time throwing her a look, you will be able to do a sip.The day just drink a liter and a half.In the car, put the water in the cup holder.If you throw it in the ice can jam in the pleasant cool.

Make beautiful

Pour the water into a

nice glass, use a straw to drink or take a sports bottle with dispenser.The beautiful and attractive dishes, the more you have of it.And drink!

Make water cult

Let the cooking water bottle, which you take with you to work, become a daily ritual.Celebration, adding a touch of lemon and ice.Or checks should amount of water you drink.When you get up to two liters - celebrating the victory.


After two weeks of the initial enthusiasm usually disappears.Put a "reminder" to the phone or hang on the refrigerator in the Soviet propaganda poster style: "And you have drunk (a) eight glasses of water ?!".This cheer, and will not relax.

additional stimulus

Make a nice label: "0 calories" - and stick it in a glass of water.This will be an additional incentive for those who are watching their weight or lose weight.


As your dog drinks water?And how would you sipped from the bath with champagne?And taking a cold shower in the heat, you'll never want to pour into his mouth?Feel free to you as nobody sees.All the notice only benefits that will bring you water.

Playing with water

in Thailand during Thai New Year celebrations (in April) decided to spray each other with water.The course is everything - from water pistols to plastic buckets.Move this tradition on the dacha outside Moscow is quite capable to everyone.

both inside and outside

water should be consumed not only in - need water and our skin, especially in the summer.During the day, use the thermal water in the spray bottle.

Adults and children

Teach your children to the water.Do not replace her juice or milk - these drinks are eating.Children's bodies quickly dehydrated, and thus often requires water.Giving children other liquid you add to their diet unnecessary calories.

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