Errors in the diet , which you do not guess

Errors in the diet , which you do not guess
Cake with pickles and herring with milk - it's not all enticing combination that can make a revolution in your gut.Doctors say that some good food, if you have them incorrectly, can harm the body.

VitaPortal tell us about a few privtsychnyh combinations, which in fact is not beneficial to health.

honey in hot tea

Here, for example, honey.Useful honey difficult to think of a product in the world.However, when heated above 40 degrees honey does not only lose all their beneficial properties, but may form a toxin called hydroxymethylfurfural.

So do not believe the grandmothers who advised angina or acute respiratory viral infections necessarily drink tea with honey.It's unhealthy!

Do not add honey and hot mulled wine, although it is included in the formulation of many of warming drinks.Honey can be put in the tea, only under the condition that the tea has cooled - lukewarm.Otherwise, such a useful honey overheated, will be a carcinogen.

Fruit salad with melon Melon

not like any neighborhood.If you

eat melon with other melons, fruit, berries, ice cream, yes to anything that most people can begin fermentation in the stomach, flatulence and even diarrhea.

Melon so rich in enzymes that have recommended it apart from other products.Use a melon as a snack or a single evening dessert.

Soda with ice cream

Try to show the children a simple experiment: a narrow glass beaker, place the ball of any ice cream and fill it with some of the sweet drinks.Soon climb out of the glass "snake": a thick and dense foam, which soon hardens, about the foam construction.Fortunately, it is certainly not the same robust.

Once in the stomach at the same time, soda and ice cream behave the same way.Therefore, bloating, belching, heaviness those who washes down ice cream cola, Fanta and other soft drinks, provided one hundred percent.Ice cream is best to drink if you really really want to drink plain water.

yoghurt with jam or cheese with condensed milk

protein products recommended to eat separately from sweet as sugar inhibits protein digestion in the stomach.

Once in the stomach, together with proteins, sugars ferment.As a result - belching and heaviness in the stomach.

Green tea with milk

English tradition of drinking tea with milk in respect of green tea can only reduce its useful properties.Green tea is rich in catechins - antioxidants, renew our youth.However, the milk protein casein reacts with catechins and a significant reduction of their number.

why green tea with milk - it's just a drink, do not have any useful properties.If you want green tea was really beneficial for your body, it is better to drink with lemon or jasmine.

Sandwiches with your morning coffee

Whole grain rye bread and we appreciate them for the presence of vitamin B, and is, indeed, a rich source of this important vitamin.

But it turns out, if you drink bread sandwiches with coffee, then the body will not benefit.Coffee inhibits the absorption of vitamin B of bread.

porridge with sugar or condensed milk

No doubt: sweet savory oatmeal much tastier.But any cereals, whether buckwheat, rice, oatmeal is digested in the body to form glucose.Sugar - is also glucose.Excess glucose can lead to obesity.This combination is particularly harmful, of course, people with diabetes risk.

Experts recommend eating porridge with meat, if it is lunch or dinner, or a fruit - for breakfast.

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