Diet " Fifteen " : a balanced diet

Start your acquaintance with the "Fifteen" diet with the development of a balanced diet.Regardless of your current goals is the best solution for 2-3 weeks to eat a balanced diet according to the scheme by monitoring the dynamics of weight.

For best control should be weighed every day at the same time (in the morning on an empty stomach after going to the toilet), and record the results.The average value will characterize your current weight.A simplified version - weighing 2-3 times a week at the same day.

If your weight is stable, the power supply circuit is supportive for you.If you are not worth it for the purposes of the change in weight, you can eat this scheme, exercise, gradually improving their condition.This same pattern should return after weight loss or weight gain cycle.

If the weight is reduced - you have a calorie deficit.Depending on the purpose, or you can adjust the menu (to increase the size of servings, add a certain amount of carbohydrates - soups, bread, dried fruits, another wel

come sweet fruit and the like, making it progressively by one serving per week over the menu, controlling the dynamics of weight) or leave it as is if you want to lose weight.

If the weight is growing - you have a surplus of calories.correct principles do not differ - adjust the size of the portions, choose less fatty foods.

You can also calculate the calorie content and composition of the resulting menu during the first few weeks, as well as from time to time in the future, to better choose the size of portions and food combination - but often this is not necessary.Another way to specify the size of the portions - weigh your serving of protein food or fruit.For women, the average weight of the portion of these product categories is 140-160 g, 200-220 men, although it may be more, but not less.

meals a tag marked with the conventional time, indicating breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.Depending on the style of life, operation, training, and other factors during meals can vary.Pick a comfortable option: to start distributing food throughout the day at regular intervals and gradually pick up more convenient option that will allow you to feel full throughout the day.

You can also change the position of the food portions in the circuit, and even break the diet for more meals, for example, to divide the intake of fruits on a few tricks - Diet tag is not for nothing is it called so!However, before you change something, try out the standard scheme is likely that it will suit you best.

The scheme painted base fluid intake - the minimum amount necessary to meet the body's needs.Control of the hydration is carried out according to two criteria - the number of thirst and / color of urine (it should be light, almost transparent in the majority of urination).You can drink between meals several additional glasses of water, if necessary, or replace a high-calorie drinks to less calorie within the scheme.

Choose these types of cooking dishes like braising, cooking (including a couple), roasting or grilling.

Fried food reasonably consumed too frequently, especially cooked, breaded and with the addition of large amounts of fat.

Watch the consumption of healthy fats - their sources are indicated in the lists and some recommendations on the use you will find at the bottom of the table (about 5 g of vegetable oil is contained in a teaspoon, 15 in the dining room).

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