Non-drug methods of treatment of the spine

Back pain due to spinal disease is a serious problem.Many people really suffer from pursuing their pain.Sometimes the pain "shoots" in the legs, such as sciatica.

Pain in the cervical vertebrae is sometimes worse than the lower spine are located, because they are close to the head, causing headaches and pressure boosting.A chronic pain in the lower back - the most common.Conservative treatment

spine carried NSAIDs that are effective, but have limited application in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, liver and kidney.A good alternative is non-drug treatments for the spine: laser therapy, kinesiotherapy on Bubnovskogo method spa techniques and folk remedies.

Laser therapy has been used successfully in chronic diseases of the spine without the intense inflammatory process, for which there are separately developed techniques.When exposed to an infrared laser spine improves the local blood circulation, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect.At the stage of f

ading aggravation laser therapy is superior to all other treatments.

As a result, the laser exposure is increased in the diseased site concentration of the drug, taken orally, probably due to improved circulation.In recent years, developed a laser phoresis procedure - the introduction of drugs into the center through the skin under the influence of the laser.Techniques have also been developed with enhanced antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anabolic effect, which greatly expanded the possibilities of laser therapy.

recently became widespread method of physiotherapy doctors Bubnovskogo meaning treatment right movement.The method estimated that converted to the internal resources of the human body.Treatment is carried out on individual programs on special simulators on the principle of "the right move cures and wrong - cripples."Simulators allow the patient to work on specific muscle groups and move stress-free, resulting in improved joint mobility and elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reduces pain.

When you exercise focuses on proper breathing, which is essential to achieve results.As the anesthesia used in this kriogidrotermoterapiya: after a short stay in the steam room a person is immersed in ice-cold water (4-6 ° C).analgesic effect is very high and at the same time trains the immune system is strengthened immunity.

Some resorts use kriogidrotermoterapiyu and balneotherapy, mineral water and remedial gymnastics.Herbal medicine, including traditional remedies, and supplements the non-pharmacological treatment.Herbal infusions are taking in order to reduce pain and inflammation, removal of salts.Broths and preparations of the herbs used for grinding, poultices and compresses.They are spoken of in a separate article.However, it should be remembered that all the conservative methods are ineffective at long-standing hernia disc and other spinal complications of the disease.

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