Skin Cancer Can Be Cured

That's how we put the question to focus on the timely treatment.In the event of malignant (cancerous) diseases it is important to begin treatment in the early stages, when still possible to stop the growth and development of tumor process and reverse it.

That's how we put the question to focus on the timely treatment .In the event of malignant (cancerous) diseases it is important to begin treatment in the early stages, when still possible to stop the growth and development of tumor process and reverse it.In order to timely seek medical care, need to know the signs of skin cancer .

By common symptoms include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, and temperature (fever), pain and skin changes.Of course, these symptoms are nonspecific, they may be accompanied by other diseases, but their presence is necessary to be alert.The specificity of the signs of skin cancer are long non-healing wounds or ulcers, the seal on the skin (especially just discovered or increase in size), change the color, texture or ulc

eration of moles, birthmarks, warts, papillomas and other skin growths.

malignant skin tumors (cancer)

come in several forms.The least malignant do not develop metastases - basal cell carcinoma, the most malignant and which extends metastases through the blood and lymph, tumor - melanoma skin.Bazalii sometimes called conditionally malignant, it can be cured almost 100% of cases, with the exception of an advanced stage.


formed in the basal layer of skin cells, slowly growing and metastasize.This tumor is usually located on the face, it can be single or multiple, different sizes and shapes.Externally, the basal cell carcinoma may look compacted plaques, nodules of 0.5 cm or more, is a peptic pigmentary form of basal cell carcinoma.

The disease occurs most often after 60 years in both sexes and more rural residents because of the frequent and long-term presence in direct sun, longer in contact with coal.Other factors that trigger the appearance of basal cell carcinoma - a genetic predisposition, the effect of tobacco tars and ionizing radiation.In the early stages, until the tumor has not grown into the underlying tissue, it is painless.Next there is a sore in the middle crust and nodules on the edges.These nodules then disintegrate, extending ulcer that does not heal, has a red bottom and thick edges.

Expanding tumor destroys surrounding tissue down to the bone.Malignancy basal cell carcinoma - in its growth and destruction of the surrounding tissues.For treatment of basal cell carcinoma using all the methods used in oncology.For the initial stages of using radiation and X-ray therapy, electrocoagulation and cryogenic destruction.In more complex cases, the combined treatment is added to the introduction of cytotoxic drugs or surgery.

Melanoma Skin

- a malignant tumor originating from melanocytes, the pigment cells of the skin, so it is usually dark in color.The tumor develops at any age, is more common in white-skinned people: men on the body, and women - on the lower limbs and is considered a highly malignant, although in the early stages can be treated successfully.The problem is that often patients seek medical attention in advanced stages.

Skin Cancer Cured

melanoma diagnosis is difficult, it can in no way different from a mole or nevus (birthmark), because for a long time remain without attention.Different spots on the skin, sometimes like new moles can be skin cancer.Sometimes these pigmented lesions are oozing, bleeding, give a sense of light burning and dull pain.The skin after sunburn, especially excessive, has the risk of developing melanoma.The slightest trauma initial tumor leads to its rapid growth, which is why not even take samples for histology, if there are no sores.It is therefore necessary for any damage moles or other skin defects histological examination.

Melanoma metastasizes very quickly to nearby lymph nodes, at the slightest suspicion they are removed along with the tumor.Depending on the stage of skin cancer using various methods oncological treatment in combination with surgical removal of the tumor.Combined treatment, followed by observation.Survival depends on early treatment.

Prevention of melanoma specialists-oncologists consider a categorical prohibition on removal, cauterization, or other cosmetic manipulations with moles, birthmarks and other skin defects, and vice versa, compulsory removal of injured entities in health care facilities (with histological studies).

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