Erysipelas legs

Erysipelas (erysipelas) - this is a serious infectious disease of the deep layers of the skin, caused by streptococcus.

Streptococci penetrate the skin with its surface as a result of micro traumas (bruises, fractures, abrasions) or through the blood in the body of existing foci of infection (sore throat).In most cases the affected leg, rarely pockets are located on the face, hands or body.The disease occurs in acute and chronic forms with varying degrees of severity, which determines the frequency of relapses, and the presence of complications.

disease onset is usually occurs acutely, within a few hours or days after contact with a patient with angina or other streptococcal disease.Symptoms of erysipelas legs similar symptoms when outbreaks in other parts of the body.Before cutaneous manifestations temperature rises to 40 degrees, a headache, fatigue, chills, there are many muscle pain, nausea and vomiting.

then on the skin of the lower limbs (sometimes the face or body) appears painful, swollen red

ness, which spreads in the form of tongues of flame.There are various forms of erysipelas on the leg: erythematous, vesicular, bullous and haemorrhagic.Erythematous form is characterized by a bright redness in the form of small nodules, vesicular and bullous - rash blisters, hemorrhagic - bleeding numerous small, in any case, edematous red leg is a symptom of the disease.

Arisen seal erysipelas on the leg increases in size from 2 to 10 cm per day.This foot disease tends to recur, and in the next time on foot inflammation may occur elsewhere and often leads to permanent lymph disturbance, difficulty tissue trophic processes and even to such disease lymphatic system as elephantiasis legs.

How to treat legs with erysipelas - entrust the doctor, here too dangerous self.The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease course and can last from 10 days to several months.It is logical to assume that the earlier treatment is started, the easier it is to recover.The basis of the complex treatment is an antibiotic (tetracycline, erythromycin, or sumamed, vilprafen, macrofoams).In recurrent prescribed another antibiotic.

To reduce the toxic effect of the pathogen, erysipelas prescribed excessive drinking and symptomatic medications.The composition of the treatment often includes drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory agents.During an exacerbation it is recommended bed rest for a few days with the position of the patient's legs in a raised state, to reduce swelling and pain.Outside exacerbation recommend wearing compression stockings and do lymphatic drainage massage the limbs.

important thing to remember about how to erysipelas prophylaxis to prevent this disease.Firstly, as the disease can be treated quickly, caused by streptococcus and avoid contact with such patients.Second, take care of your feet (and the entire skin), to avoid the appearance of cracks and abrasions.If you have varicose veins and diabetes undergo preventive treatment in time, so as not to trigger a relapse of erysipelas.

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