The most frequent causes of incorrect posture in adolescents

correct student posture - the key to a healthy spine, which is the backbone of not only the skeleton, but also the whole organism.

With proper posture load on the spinal column is distributed evenly, without disturbing him perform depreciation on walking and other movements, and without exerting pressure on the internal organs.Violation of posture in school entails a breach of health.

term "posture" means a natural body position, his silhouette, which is provided by the tension in your neck, trunk, limbs, and flexible properties of the spine and joints.Posture each student is formed using reclaimed their habitual movements and postures, called stereotype movements.There is a concept of correct posture, that is, when the spine is a healthy condition and to maintain strong muscle corset in the right position.With proper posture silhouette of a man is attractive.

types of posture violations can be determined by referring to the rear and side view, they are characterized by a curvature of the spine.Lardo

tic posture - is when the cervical spine is bent forward more than the norm, with the heavily favored head forward towards the chest or when the spinal curve of less than normal, and the neck is too straight, that is much less.

kyphotic posture - a stooped, round back with a strong bending of the thoracic spine.With such a violation of posture head leans forward, shoulders forward are reduced due to the shortening of the chest muscles, further rounding out the back, abdomen reflexively stuck out.And bend your knees.The rectified posture characteristic of vertebrates at flattening curves, back becomes flat, flattens the chest, too, are the blades, weak muscles.

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, seen from behind.When scoliosis of the spine is curved line on the back.The greater this curvature, the greater the deformation of the chest and pelvis.

Causes of postural disorders of schoolchildren are fairly typical.First of all, they promote physiological reasons.This is especially true of boys who often disproportionate development of the pectoral muscles and upper back muscles entails slouch as a strong pectoral muscles pulled her shoulders forward.This increases the thoracic kyphosis (bending back of the spine) and the head begins to protrude forward.In girls, this reason is less pronounced.

For all teens lag characteristic muscle growth by skeletal bone growth.In conjunction with finding in irregular postures and insufficient physical activity leads to disturbance of posture.For teenagers competent important physical activity at least three times a week to reduce the severity of this imbalance.Schoolchildren still unstable posture, yet there is an active development of the supporting muscles of the back, abdomen and lower extremities.

Another reason can be called the conditions in the school and at home: a mismatch of furniture sizes increase student that forces him to stoop, and insufficient lighting.Violations of schoolchildren posture can be caused by wearing heavy bag with textbooks on the same shoulder in the same hand.

often causes deterioration of posture is the condition of the child's psyche, caused by nervous tension or conflict.The child unconsciously pulls his shoulders, hunched, trying to escape from an unpleasant situation.Special massage in violation of this type of posture will help prevent curvature of the spine and relieve stress.

posture disorder resulting from improper body position due to muscle weakness, physical inactivity, are not a disease, as it does not commit the changes in the spine, and they are reversible.They can be corrected with exercise and physiotherapy.But as incorrect posture causes the deterioration of the internal organs, they can serve as the beginning of many diseases.

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