" Muscular corset " against back pain

A lot of people back hurts constantly.This is a serious problem, because people are suffering, constantly forced to endure the pain, they have a bad mood, sleep and worsens it all unsettling.

Pain may cover some parts of the back or whole back completely, can give to the legs, making it difficult to move.Pain in the cervical vertebrae is not better - it can cause headaches or rise in blood pressure.

Most people who suffer from back pain, try to handle it yourself, because it is already attempted to treat without avail, the pain soon returned again.Many took a course of injections, tablets, physiotherapy and back massage - all these measures helped for a while.But few of the sufferers of combined treatment with the performance of therapeutic exercises, and finishing treatment - continued to follow them further.

At the same time long been proven that it is possible to recover from back pain on their own, with the help of exercises.And if they are supplemented by thermal treatments, ultrasound and massa

ge - results will come faster.It is known that the main objective of therapeutic gymnastics is to improve blood circulation in all the structures of the spine and strengthen back muscles to create a strong "muscular corset".

This muscular corset will be protected against back pain in the future.Strong, firm muscles support the spine more reliable, protecting it from deformation, it is easier to cope with the daily load without over-voltage, which is always a cause of inflammation.One has only to look at the Chinese with their national thrust to the exercises: they organize collective classes in the squares, and even being in old age, they are resilient and youthful.

In Taoist teaching on health and longevity is said that the disease reduces the supply of vital energy, and its sudden changes are the basis of other diseases.As a result, the number of illnesses is growing like a snowball, the man quickly grows old and can not count on a long life.Smooth and simple exercises Taoist system can perform any person.Taoist exercises relieve slouching and poor posture, restoring elasticity of the muscles of the back.You can use these exercises for back pain, they treat arthritis and other diseases.There are numerous publications about them in the media and in the form of a booklet "10 Taoist exercises for health and longevity," Chinese author.

In addition to exercise, you can use the diet for muscle mass.Such a diet is used in bodybuilding to increase the size and muscle mass.Our goal is different: instead of "jelly" to find a normal, strong muscles.So no need to strictly comply with bodybuilders mode, and only take a few rules: 1. Eat often (5-6 times) in small portions.2. High-calorie foods provide easy protein (poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and legumes) and slow carbohydrates (cereals, durum wheat pasta), the use of vegetable oils.

3. Limit saturated fat (bacon, sausage, fatty meats, butter and margarine) and fast carbohydrates (pastries, sweets).4. Maintain drinking about 3 liters mode (including soups and porridge).5. The main part of the daily amount of food to eat up to 16 hours (more than 70%).Never eat at night sweet or fatty, better suited dairy products, eggs, vegetables, salads and poultry and fish.Remember that diet alone, without physical activity will not result because the muscles have to work!There is a term in medicine: that is not being used - that is lost.It is possible to add: ... and is replaced by fatty and connective tissue.It is worth considering, is not it?

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