Symptoms of liver disease

Usually we do not pay attention to the signals of the body, and "screaming" gag tablet.

Usually we do not pay attention to the signals of the body, and "screaming" gag tablet.Stunning carelessness as if we have a spare!Meanwhile, the liver - an organ that "hurts, but remains silent."That is, the manifestations of liver disease at the beginning we do not feel.Further, with the development of the pathological process of liver disease symptoms in humans may manifest themselves in different ways, masquerading as other diseases.

example, common symptoms of biliary dyskinesia - a neurotic disorders, pain in the right upper quadrant.When hypotonic form often seen persistent pain in the right upper quadrant, nausea, belching, atonic constipation, and in hypertensive form - recurrent pain, sometimes nausea, constipation alternating with diarrhea.

When inflammation of the gall bladder and ducts first person worried about a feeling of heaviness and bloating, diarrhea after taking fried food.Sometimes worried ma

laise and light fever.Such patients may appear prominent yellow spots on the face, on the elbow may occur flask-shaped swelling of the fingers.Then there is pain.

If gallstones are the most typical acute pain attacks - hepatic colic.Such pain syndromes liver disease lasts from a few minutes to several hours and accompanied by nausea and vomiting.By the way, hepatic colic is often caused by a nervous and physical exhaustion, irritation of the stomach spicy food.

acute viral hepatitis are contagious and always treated in a hospital.Treatment of chronic hepatitis B is possible on an outpatient basis.They are characterized by symptoms: general weakness, nausea and bitterness in the mouth, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea.In exacerbations of increased body temperature (slightly) and itching of the skin appears.In some patients there are spider veins and "Liver palm", may turn yellow skin and sclera eyes.In chronic hepatitis occurs damage joints and lungs.

What are the tests for liver disease need to take?First, blood (biochemical analysis - determining the level of bilirubin, transaminases and thymol, as well as markers for hepatitis) and urine (alkaline phosphatase).Of course, you have to pass an ultrasound.After evaluation of the results can be assigned to a deeper, specific examinations required for diagnosis (cholecystography, intravenous cholegraphy, radionuclide scan, MRI, etc..).Currently, there is a possibility to pass a reliable diagnosis of human disease of the liver.

Symptoms of Liver Diseases (3haxapb. Ru)

The liver is also the organ of digestion, blood circulation and metabolism, so there are diseases related to the liver.Primarily, this disease pancreas - diabetes and pancreatitis.It is heavy, difficult correctable without a rigid diet disease, "the rest of their lives."Secondly, it is cardiovascular disease with an increase in cholesterol, high blood viscosity and blood pressure.Then you can call the group of joint disease and skin disease.Incidentally, the condition of the skin, its beauty is largely determined by the state of the liver.Accordingly, as the skin and can read some of the symptoms of liver disease.There is a technique for determining diseases as skin areas, in which the projections are different bodies.Therefore, take care of the liver - as naturally as, for example, to monitor the condition of the teeth.

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