Can I get rid of the stones on their toes ?

Bones to the big toes are a serious problem for many women, at least - men.They become difficult to choose shoes, it is difficult for a long time to be on your feet, legs hurt, and quickly get tired.

Bones to the big toes are a serious problem for many women, at least - men.They become difficult to choose shoes, it is difficult for a long time to be on your feet, legs hurt, and quickly get tired.Predisposition to the formation of pits is inherited, but their actual appearance does not always happen.Factors that trigger the appearance of bumps on the legs, partly depend on the person.

main precipitating factor is flat, it always develops on the background of the weakness of the ligaments and muscles of the foot, their increased extensibility, and leads to deformity.That is the weakness of the ligaments and muscles is inherited, but it can be adjusted.In a healthy foot bones of the foot are fixed in the form of a set of ligaments and muscles, thus maintaining balance and walking perform elastic movement


With weak ligaments metatarsal bone of the foot under load begin to diverge, extended front part of the foot (transverse flat feet), and changing the position of the fingers and the thumb begins to deviate to the side, to the neighboring fingers.In this first metatarsal head increases, forming a "pit".Overloading of the foot is the trigger for the process of flattening of the foot, it occurs when standing loads, while wearing high-heeled shoes, in the presence of excess weight.

When overload stops going wrong redistribution of weight on my knees and hip joints and the spine, which further cause other health problems.In the initial stages of deformation felt heaviness in the legs at night, and later the pain appears.In advanced stages of the possible dislocation of fingers.Not the last role in the formation of lumps playing hormonal disorders, according to statistics the disease is actively progressing during menopause.

bone on big toes

Painful bone at the base of the thumb prevents wear normal shoes, forced to move to soft "rubbers".Many women are willing to do anything to get rid of the hated seeds, they use a lot of ways, but in the best case, reduce pain and inflammation, and the bump is.The fact is that the reason for stones - foot deformity - orthopedic problem, so it must be solved by a podiatrist.

Orthopaedic treatment stones on the legs allows to slow down the further development of the disease, strengthen ligament-muscular system of the foot and return to a normal shoe.Treatments include physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy, as well as wearing the insoles, arch supports, which support the arch of the foot in position.The more pronounced the bones, especially long-term treatment.

In advanced stages of the operation carried out on his feet either minimally invasive surgery on the muscles and joint capsule of the thumb, or in cases of severe deformities - surgery and soft tissues, and bones of the foot.For example, the large bone in the leg is not going anywhere, it is subject to the osteotomy operation, ie the creation of a fracture in the right place with the subsequent deformation correction.

Modern techniques allow you to do surgery on both feet simultaneously.After the operation of the foot fixed with plaster or special footwear in the correct position for a period of fusion and regeneration.After surgery, the patient has to wear orthotics permanently, and insert between the first and second finger - 1.5 - 3 months.The total load on the foot is allowed six months after surgery.It is not recommended to wear heels higher than 3 cm. It is recommended to wear the right shoes, that is, with a dense sole, solid and comfortable backdrop heel no higher than 5 cm, do not overload your toes.

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