Skin Care in the evening

Skin Care in the evening
Just a few minutes before bedtime will help your skin stay healthy, beautiful and fresh.Facial care is particularly important in the evening, because the skin is resting at night.

your skin have hard times during the day: make-up, aggressive environment, pollution, the sebaceous glands.Therefore, at least in the evening she needs care.

«We know how tired you are, but if you are able to hold at least a couple of minutes before you fall asleep, they dedicate their skin" - advises dermatologist Lisa Ginn.

Facial care: cleansing primarily

Even if the forces at the end of the day you have almost gone, remember the main thing: never go to bed, do not clean the skin.

Just think: makeup, dust, sebum - this unbelievable mixture overnight will clog and stretch pores, preventing the skin to breathe and recover.

Dr. Jeanne recommends makeup remover, oil-based - they are perfect to cope even with waterproof makeup and suitable for all skin types.

whole secret - in collagen

With age, collagen production in

the body decreases significantly.If this were not the case, and we have always had enough collagen, could forget about wrinkles, enlarged pores and skin aging.Facial skin must include a means to collagen.

Collagen - is the key to a healthy, supple and young skin.So you should be sure to use products containing collagen, as well as vitamin A and retinoids, which are actively involved in its formulation.And of course, do not forget to include foods (or biologically active additives) containing vitamin A in your diet.

Say "no" wrinkles around the eyes

skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate, it is very quickly loses its elasticity, stretched and forms wrinkles, so skin care must include additional resources for this zone.

sure to use special creams for the skin around the eyes, containing vitamins A, C, E and K, are actively involved in metabolic processes and contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.You can also use the serum, but in this case it is necessary to use a light night cream for extra moisture.

Wrinkles from sleep

Generally, any adult is always a favorite position for sleeping.Psychologists say that the way a person sleeps, you can tell a lot about his character, but dermatologists easily answer you on which side of the person you used to appear wrinkles.

When we sleep, pressing her face into the pillow, the skin is wrinkled, going to fold, stretch.Therefore, it is best to sleep on their backs, as if in a position to sleep does not work, then at least try to go to sleep not in its usual position.

Of course, in the dream you are likely to turn over, but at least you will make a small gift of the side of the face, which is usually pressed to the pillow, spending less time on it.Also, experts recommend to buy a special pillow from wrinkles.

happy face - young face

Optimists live longer and look better than their unhappy counterparts life.All our emotions and feelings are reflected on the face, so our appearance depends on what we think and feel.

If you want both, you can try to stay longer stay young in high spirits - read good books, talk with friends, watch funny videos on the internet, after all!That does not make for the sake of beauty, is not it?

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