Methods to get rid of acne

Ordinary (youthful) acne - frequent skin disorder during puberty, also occurs as a complication of seborrhea due to festering in the sebaceous glands.

Against oily skin face, chest, back there comedones (blocked ducts of the sebaceous glands with a black dot in the center) and pustules of varying size.When the abscess begins from the depths, formed hemispherical soft bluish-red nodes (acne conglobata).Deep acne is painful.The contents of pustules dry up in the crust, in the separation of which are bluish spots or scars.For long.Usually 20-25 years there comes a spontaneous cure.In some cases, the problem remains after 25 years, the presence of certain diseases in humans, triggering acne and aggravate them over.

methods of getting rid of acne aim to reduce oily skin and acne cure themselves, as well as vitamins, Immunopreparat and limit sweets in the diet and fat, spicy food.In severe cases, prescribe repeated courses of antibiotics (doxycycline, erythromycin), Immunopreparat (stafilouokkovy toxoid ant

istaphylococcal gamma globulin dekaris), multivitamins (B6 intramuscularly into retinol), electrocoagulation pustules.In mild cases, prescribe multivitamins, wiping 1-2% salicylic alcohol or 3% levomitsetinovym alcohol and masks pasta Soultz.The mask of sulsena finished paste is applied to the skin clean washed for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week.Wash off the mask with warm, then cool water.Sometimes assigned laser removal of acne, however, this method is considered to be ineffective.

from acne on his forehead folk remedies to help faster, so it is convenient to do lotions.It has long used a decoction of willow bark and fresh and dry.The shredded bark pour water in the ratio in raw form 1: 5, 1:10 dry, set on medium heat, bring to the boil and boiled for 30 minutes.Then allowed to stand in a warm place under the cover 1 hour filtered.Ready to warm broth moisten a cloth and put on face for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse your face with cool water.The broth can be stored in the refrigerator for 4-5 days each time warming up portion for lotions.The effect is enhanced if the acne is then powder ash from willow bark.Besides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties of willow bark reduces sweating and oily skin.Similar properties have herb Salvia officinalis.

most available home remedies of traditional medicine, for example, based on cucumber, honey and lemon.Mix 0.5 cups of freshly squeezed cucumber juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.Wipe with a mixture of skin.After 30 minutes, wash with cool water.This procedure helps to cleanse, skin lightening, refreshes and nourishes it.You can prepare a lotion: Mix 100 g of liquid honey (and you can add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice) and a quarter cup of vodka.Apply on face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.Honey nourishes, refreshes, it rejuvenates the skin, and vodka disinfects and removes excess fat.Lemon lightens spots after acne and removes excess fat.

often used for acne fir oil.Essential oil of fir very healthily, it has vitamin, astringent, blood-cleansing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, irritating and distracting activity, and is used for many diseases, including - skin (burns, tumors).But because of its irritating action should not be applied on the skin - you can get burned.It is used as part of ointments, creams, emulsions, or as a point moxibustion acne.

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