Minor leg injuries - hit the cold season


start freezing - ice comes, a good long time.And no matter how hard you try to keep a balance, sometimes this is not possible, you will fall.

When start freezing - ice comes, a good long time.And no matter how hard you try to keep a balance, sometimes this is not possible, you will fall.The main thing - do not get seriously injured, wow did not break.And little things like bruises, sprains and stretching is not particularly frightening: da bandage to lie - and everything goes.However, experts warn that minor leg injuries do have consequences, they should be treated properly.How to do it yourself?

If the fall had a leg injury, which is accompanied by pain and swelling, you need as quickly as possible to put on the sore spot anesthetic gel (Voltaren Emulgel, nimulid gel Fastum Gel Nise gel).Anesthetic gel does not only relieve pain, is more important than property of the gel reduces swelling and inflammation, since it is rapidly absorbed, and delivers the drug directly into the injured spot.These g

els can not be applied to broken skin or under tight airtight bandage.

important to prevent large swelling, not only because it will be impossible to pull the shoes and go to work.Just the faster will be able to remove the swelling, the sooner healing.Again, we look at it not from the point of view of a prompt return to build a valuable employee, and by the health: inflammation of the negative impact on the state of the cartilage of the joints, so you should always aim for its rapid elimination.

Minor Leg Injuries

often happens stretching the legs, especially in the area of ​​the ankle.In this case, too, may be applied to anti-inflammatory and analgesic gel, for example, nimulid about 3 cm of gel on the affected area and spread lightly.NIMULID gel is quickly absorbed and ease the pain.After his complete absorption make fixing bandage.It is important to remember that the place of the injured WARMING NOT!Nor can warm feet when inflamed, swollen joints, hot to the touch.

Many people with minor injuries are treated with their own feet, but if there was a dislocation of the foot - it is necessary to address immediately to the emergency room.Dislocation is necessary to the right to return the joint in place, because it is a guarantee correct operation in the future.When dislocation ligaments in the foot over-stretched, which quickly leads to swelling and inflammation.When the swelling big, it is very difficult to straighten the joint, so you need to arrive at a trauma center as soon as possible.In this case, you can gently apply an anesthetic gel, but can not make any bandages.If necessary, you can take into the analgesic tablet (ketonal, Voltaren, ketorol, nimesil).

For mild injuries of the knee most affected ligaments.Many in these injuries do not seek medical help.Stifle - one of the most stress, so after any injury it is necessary to spare at least two weeks, it takes time to recover.Premature return to normal load leads to an overload of the affected joint and can give impetus to the beginning of the development of osteoarthritis or aggravate an old disease.To reduce the risk of post-traumatic joint disease, you need to give them time to recover, to ensure peace and treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs.

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