Eyeshadow : you wanted to know

Eyeshadow : you wanted to know
Eyeshadow able to give the image of perfection, change the shape of the eye, the color shade.What you need to know about the subject makeup, not simply to emphasize the natural beauty, but also do not harm health?

eyeshadow enjoyed another inhabitant of ancient Greece.To get the subject makeup, the Greeks were ground to dust colored stones.Most often used malachite and turquoise, so ancient seductress are available only shade of green and blue.

Today the choice of eye shadow is simply huge.They come in different colors and textures.There are also liquid and crumbly and creamy.

Eyeshadow in composition very similar to the powder.Jane Hollenberg Chemical (New York, USA) buyers pay attention to the fact that in the shadow must be talc and mica.In some formulas add kaolin.

What made the right eyeshadow

a part of any kind of shadows are bound to have the so-called binders.Their presence ensures that your makeup is not osypetsya an hour after application.Most often added chemical derivatives of zinc an

d magnesium.

color shadows Eye attaches pigment.And in good shadows it should be synthetic.Also on the box with the shadows you will see that they contain silica, nylon, dimethicone, boron nitride and bismuth hydroxide.Do not be afraid of such an abundance of "scary" words.These substances are necessary to ensure that the shade will not stick to the brush, better gliding and easier to apply on the eyelid.

The quality of eye shadow is also added preservatives such as glycol and tocopherol (a form of vitamin E).These substances do not allow the pigments to harm the sensitive skin of the eyelids.In addition, they will not allow the bacteria to emerge and multiply in the shadows.

Shadows in the form of a cream and powder shadows in the form of a different composition.Beeswax, castor oil, jojoba oil, shea oil and silicone make them more liquid.In addition, these materials are well cared for eyelid skin.

Some women notice that their eyes after use blush shades, watery, and itchy skin of the eyelids.The reason often lies in the large particles that fall unevenly, crumble and fall into the eye.All make-up artists in one voice warn against further use of such low quality shadows.

Secrets applying eyeshadow

The same applied eye shadow?Shadows creamy structure is best applied with a small sponzhikom or cotton pad and gently clean shade fingers

By the same crumbly shadows need to find the right brush.Renowned makeup artist Napoleon Perdis advises to choose the most solid applicator.Stiff bristle brush will not let the shadows fall apart.And always first apply mascara on the lashes.

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